Councillor Cooke and the British Way

Our dear friend councillor Chris Cooke of Tamworth has being venting his considerable spleen in the Daily Mail (a paper he once complained about to the PCC). In a story about a Muslim leader (who was subject to an arson attack in July)being kidnapped in the Epping Forest area, the elected representative for Glascote ward, leaps to the defence of the BNP. Regular Cookewatchers (twatchers?) will recall that Cllr. Chris, an independent member of Tamworth Council, helped the local BNP candidate by delivering and printing leaflets for her. He maintained he was still independent on his nifty website (warning: not safe for eyes).

In The Mail's report of the story, he says,

  • The whole tenor of this article is that the BNP leaflet somehow caused the tension which led to this man being abducted. I don't suppose for one moment people might consider that the tension was already there - in the form of mass immigration, cultural clashes, perceived crime levels of immigrants, in particular hate crimes against whites which go studiously unreported in all the media? I don't suppose people might just consider that the BNP is the correct and proper political answer for opposition to this happening? Whereas this kidnapping is something the BNP themselves would condemn. It is the government and their immigration policies that have brought this mess on us. If they get their way they will ban the only party giving measured, proper political opposition to their folly. You may hate me saying so - but ban the BNP and the tension has nowhere to go - except into street riots and civil disorder. So please - lay off the BNP smears, the job they do is vital to democracy.

So, that's clear then.

The article also provides us with further evidence of the symbiotic relationship between the Mail and the BNP. Whilst there is no proof that this event was directly linked to the BNP, readers are quick to make clear that the whole thing is either a hoax or just a smear.

  • So who says it was the BNP. I think Gormless has something to do with this they keep on blaming the BNP for everything.. Election coming up Gormless running scared the BNP might do well.

Good to see Jacqui back on form there. Barely literate and barking mad. BNP supporter, J?
  • Do we actually have ANY proof that this man was actually kidnapped? It is not out of the realms of possibility that we will find that this event never happened and was merely a ploy to further slur the BNP after previous attempts have not washed with the people. UAF anyone?

Mike had this to say about the torture of Binyam Mohamed:
  • I've said many, many times, WHO CARES?

So, a bit of a pattern emerging there, Mike. Look forward to more compassionate and rational comments in the future.
  • This is what happens when the dynamics in a community are disrupted by mass immigration.

  • This is what happens when you people to the limt. I belivee this kidnap wasx nothing then a hoax to try and portray BNP party of justice and equality as a nazi style party.
Is Neil a friend of Steve? If not, maybe they should meet up sometime. Note that Neil is so confused that in his first sentence he seems to believe it but by the second illiterate one, he's taken on board Steve's conspiracy theory.

There are positive comments but notably voted down into the red. Daily Mail you must be very proud of your boys.
  • Just goes to prove that the BNP are the party of choice for the sub-intellectual thuggish elements of our society. The leaflet shown above serves no other purpose other than to stir up racial hatred.

    Those commentators who state this has nothing to do with BNP supporters are seriously deluded.

    Cllr Richardson states the British way is a "brick through the window." - say no more.

  • Mr Cooke - I find the inference behind your statement to be repugnant. To actually blame the government for this vile act of violence and hatred is akin to a man beating his wife and then saying to her "look what you made me do". The fault is with the evil people who perpetrated the act and with no-one else. I am white, live in whitechapel (quite near to the mosque) and have absolutely no problem with any of the community, nor feel threatened in the least. Any such "tension" as you put it is in the mind of the beholder, and a more linked to the prevailing attitudes of their parents than any societal factors. Bigots are bigoted by definition because they have intractable views based on hearsay, and not evidence. Fearing the strange (xenophobia) sadly seems to be a common trait, but using it as a pretext to attack people because of some perceived yet paranoid "threat" they represent, is disgusting behaviour, only slightly more so than seeking to justify it in the way you have done.

Finally, if anyone was in any doubt about the attitude of the BNP to this, let them look at a proper BNP councillor's comment:
  • Epping Forest BNP group leader Councillor Pat Richardson defended the leafleting campaign, which took place in late July.

    She said of the prayer group: 'It shouldn't be in a community centre and I don't think it's appropriate in a BNP ward.

    'It brings all sorts of problems and we don't want problems in this area.

    'It's not really natural for the area because there are so few Muslims.

    'I was wondering whether it was a ploy to attract more Muslims to the area to try and vote out the BNP councillors.'

    She said her party was not behind the attacks on Mr Ramjanally.

    'Firebombing is not a British method. A brick through the window is a British method but firebombing is not a way of showing displeasure,' Cr Richardson said.