Selling Out

Just putting together a report from my sojourn in Duesseldorf, which is proving difficult as I lost my notes. How I miss my Palm Tungsten mate. Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm still excited at having my first go on a Segway. I was careering around the track like Schumacher. I noted loads of people videoing so maybe it'll end up in a 'geek on Youtube' moment set to Scritti Politti. It was gear. Unfortunately, I've just seen the price of Segways. Cheaper to buy a car, or Tranmere's back four.

So if Segway people are reading, I'm willing to take sponsorship and advertising in return of a free one. That name again, Segway. Available from all good shops selling Segways.

They are cool to drive/ride/lean but will they be like the Sinclair C5. There was a lad in our area who had one and got so pissed off with the laughter that it ended up being sold after 3 weeks.