Getting Better

Renewed hope of a glorious European campaign next year as Tranny thumped Grimsby 4-0 in the Cup. We can but dream and recall those heady days of 2000 when we reached Wembley and were a couple of Matt Elliott headers away from the UEFA Cup.

I'm also upbeat having learned of this fascinating report of a BNP meeting in Birmingham where Marlene Guest was an erm, guest (see her masterful insight in the Youtube video below).

Apparently, BNP members are so repulsive (again see the Marlene off the wall video) that they have been using unusual means to secure a bride:

  • During the brief interval where we enjoyed yet another excellent buffet, provided by organiser Tanya Lumby, I chatted with several supporters who had travelled some fair distances to see the two guest speakers, including Nuneaton & Bedworth councillor Martyn Findlay who had bought his wife, Debbie, and their four children along to this oratory treat.
The mind boggles.

News also reaches me of Wirral Borough Council's annual competition to get in the Richard Littlejohn column in The Daily Mail. According to my source (a relative so don't trust 'em), their block of houses had been left out of the bin collection. Upon one of the householders calling WBC, they were told that the bin lorry would attend for the missed bin, but that they would only collect the other ( 7 or so) missed bins if each individual (most of whom were at work) called individually. No doubt this is the work of one moron rather than council policy but it does irk when you do your best to defend public bodies from unjustified attacks by ignorant journos like Littlejohn and then come across this craptastic display.

Finally, if anyone is still under the misapprehension that the BNP has distanced itself from the hardcore Nazis of the past, let them look at Simon Darby's latest quest for martyrdom. Like Noel Edmonds and a host of Daily Mail liars before him, he's refusing to pay the BBC licence fee (although Simon thinks it should be 'license'). Why's that, Herr Darby?
  • 1. The fact that the BBC continue to libel me on their Panorama - Under the skin of the BNP falsely accusing me of wearing a t-shirt that advocates and supports terrorism.
    2. The BBC is in breach of its charter by surreptitiously accepting European funding.
    3. The threatening and intimidating manner in which TV licensing goes about demanding money from the British public.
    4. More women are imprisoned in this country for non-payment of the TV license than for any other reason.
    5. The BBC conspired to send Nick and Mark to prison in an undercover operation which spectacularly backfired in 2006. Further to this I firmly believe that the corporation played a part in hounding John Tyndall to his death.
Still mourning Tyndall at the BNP. No change. Fascist brothers forever.


Nick Kiddle said...

Thanks for thrashing the cods - it never fails to brighten my day :)