Brand New BBC Row Cooked

Irony, irony they've all got it ir.........but anyway, our fiends at BNP HQ have linked up with their symbiotic friends at The Mail.

In New Taste Row the Mail finds another whip to flail the BBC with. Apparently, Jo Brand made a joke. As part of her day/night job. With a tenuous link to Jonathon Ross. It 'offended' BNP members. Police brought in. Tax payers money used by police. Charges unlikely.

Where do we start?

As with the leaked list of members itself, where the BNP sought to use the very legislation they would repeal, the dedicated followers of fascism brought in the Old Bill over Jo Brand's line,
'Now we know where to post poo through the letterbox.' If anything, a throwaway line but a lifeline thrown to the eyebrow king himself, Simon Darby:

  • Last night the BNP’s Simon Darby said: ‘The BNP is technically an ethnic group and, under Section 26 of the Race Relations Act, we would suggest there are grounds that an offence of incitement to commit racial harassment has been committed.’
Unbelievable. I think he's being serious. I think he actually fails to understand the hypocrisy. Help me out: is he as thick as his ward, Richard Barnbrook, or is he just taking the piss? (though not through his letterbox, please). Whatever, it seems to be a publicity stunt. The Mail continues:
  • Simon Darby, the BNP’s deputy leader, made an official complaint to Hammersmith police alleging that Brand’s comment had been an act of incitement to cause racial harassment.
The police seem a bit weary of his tactic. According to the story a 'source' (so treat with a caution):
  • ‘It is an absurd case and very unlikely to get to court. A lot of police time and money appears to have been wasted investigating what for all intents and purposes is just a TV show joke.’
  • ‘The chances of this going further are very remote. The idea that the BNP are claiming they are the victim of a race offence is mildly amusing, to say the least.’
Quite. Given that the CPS deemed the White Racist Leaflet to be unworthy of prosecution, I'm sure this will end up in the bin. Well done Darby. When your muppet Barnbrook next rambles on to Boris about policing costs at the Notting Hill Carnival let's hope other GLA members will recall this.

Of course, this being the Mail we have to bash the Beeb.
  • Ironically, the six-show series only hit the airwaves as a ‘fill-in’ while (Jonathon) Ross served his suspension after the fallout over the lewd messages he and Russell Brand left on the answering machine of Andrew Sachs.
Ironically? *sound of head hitting desk*. Next week, man dies in same hospital Ross visited last year.

Then, send in the clowns:
  • The usual anti-British bias from the police farce then.

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    - Abigail, Barking
Note the dog whistle phrase 'police farce'. Note that Barking is Richard Barnbrook's gaffe.
  • So as far as the police are concerned it's OK to incite hatred against white people but not against members of the ethnic minorities. There is something fundamentally wrong here not just with this incident but the country as a whole.

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The country being Spain? Oh dear my property prices have fallen! Ex-pat prat.
  • I am on the leaked B.N.P. membership list.I joined the B.N.P. for a year and did not renew my membereship.I joined because I was disgusted at the way the B.N.P. were being treated by this sickening Society of G.B.I was disgusted by the way Nick Griffin and Mark Collet were dragged through the Courts.I was named as an Activist when I have never even met another B.N.P. member.
    However,I am sick of the way the British establishment is treating the people who care about Britain and I am going to renew my membership of the B.N.P because I am British and I am proud of it because it is flowing through my veins and making my heart beat.Shame on all you Traitors.

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    - Owen Reed, Middlesbrough,
The Mail must be mighty proud of the way over 200 people liked this comment. The Mail will not publicly associate itself with the BNP but most of its stories are in line with BNP policy. The cowardly paper lets its readers write the article they actually wanted.
  • It is a mystery to me why the obese Brand dislikes the BNP. The present day BNP have shaken off the baggage of the past, in the same way as the Labour party no longer attracts Marxist thugs. How are the BNP intolerant or racist? They have a jewish councillor in Essex and an openly lesbian administrator at their head office.

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Betty, if it's a mystery to you then you must be as thick as the substance that might be coming through your door. (Editor's note: this is a joke but feel free to sue, ring 999 or cry). As we know, Griffin's party hides its real purpose: control of the media, strangulation of dissent and forced repatriation.
  • It's little wonder that the police don't have time to investigate crime; they are all obviously watching television and thinking up ways to grab headlines to do any of the real policing that Britain is crying out for these days.

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Wrong on so many levels. I'll make allowances for the possibility you may be French but then I don't tend to wax illogically in Le Monde. N'est-ce pas? So, READ the story. Lard Darby initiated the action.
  • WHY is poo asterisked out in the headline?? If it is a offensive word now why print it in the body of the text.
Interesting comment from James of London there. Indeed the original did have *** to protect the poor readers.

As we're all losing the will to live, it should be noted that there are some comments amongst the 113 which criticise the BNP for being humourless or racists. They are marked down. Welcome to Mail Land.

The piece de resistance though comes from our old friend and BNP sympathiser, independent Councillor Chris Cooke (the Judd Hirsch lookalike of the zany website and hedgehog story which have made him a star of the net.)
  • I'm sure the BNP don't expect the Police to do anything. They know what they are up against with our political system. But they do make their point. If it was a satirical comment about immigrants by a BNP person a long jail sentence would be the most likely outcome.

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528 people, presumably compos mentis, enfranchised and free of choice think the esteemed Cllr Chris is talking complete sense here and not at all hyperbolic twaddle. We await his long winded response. For those who think he is a figment of the imagination, have a look at his sight-damaging site. (UPDATE Now 700+)

As Jo Brand might say 'Daft bastard.'