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As The Mail becomes more and more rabid (even by its own standards) Sunny at Liberal Conspiracy has an open letter to editor Dacre, which is worth posting in full, after a particularly nasty anti-immigration scare story from recycling experts, Messrs Slack and Doughty, complete with rentaquote moans from the Two Greenies*:

  • Dear Mr Dacre,

    I was disappointed to read reported in today’s Daily Mail that the newspaper regards it as a mistake to consider that the children or grandchildren of immigrants are British, but rather would classify us as “second or third generation immigrants”.

    although the figures from the Government’s Office for National Statistics show an increase in numbers of foreign born people they still fail to record the true impact of immigration because they record their children as British rather than second or third generation immigrants.

    I hope that your proposed reclassification of Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry as not British, as second and third generation immigrants descended from the foreign-born Phillip, will not distress them too much.

    But it does seem most ungrateful, when Winston Churchill was voted ‘greatest Briton’, to now strip him of that status because he had an American mother. (However strongly your newspaper disagreed with Churchill’s criticisms of appeasement in the 1930s, isn’t it now time to let bygones be bygones?)

    Perhaps you could let us know who the Daily Mail thinks is truly British. I can see you probably think it is too late for my children - as “third generation immigrants”, currently aged under 3 - but perhaps there might be a tip or two they could pass on to their descendants.

    So, given our shared interests in integration and citizenship, it would be terribly kind if you might let us know whether there is anything that those of us who were born here as British citizens could ever do so as to become British in your eyes.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sunder Katwala

Quality. Which cannot be said for some of the BNP-type comments on the Mail story:
  • The figures presumably are an accurate count which means they are possibly out by at least 20%.The true cost of immigration has never been admitted to all we heard was how they were enhancing our economy and a multi cultural society was good for us. The facts are different as the untold damage that has been done by this mindless group of politicians will only be put right when the BNP take over so what a legacy from successive governments over the past 60 years. I hope you are satisfied that you have nearly destroyed what this country once was. I have never been asked about immigration and I would not have supported this madness as millions of my fellow indigenous citizens would agree as this is a small island and it is over populated.

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This goon believes that nearly a third are immigrants and that the BNP are the only solution.
  • If I ask questions about the multicultural policies forced on us by NL does that make me a racist? Well I will ask anyway.
    It is stated that 1 in 9 of the population were born overseas. What is the ratio when you count the number of total ethnic "minoritiy" population?

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Wouldn't you just love to perform DNA tests on Al to see how racially pure he really is. Not that he's a racist.Oh no! Fortunately up steps Peter Brant to land a killer blow:
  • Alan, Middlesbrough North Yorks, -

    What does that have to do with anything? Here's the thing. Someone born in this country is British. End of. You do not have "degrees of Britishness". They are as British as you or I.

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    - Peter Brant, Worthing, 24/2/2009 15:1

[*Andrew Green of Migrationwatch and Damian Green, Shadow 'We're Full Up' Minister]

UPDATE: Sunder had an edited version of his letter published in the bird cage version of the Mail on 4th March and Associated Newspapers visited this site on the same day after googling for Doughty and Slack.


Anton Vowl said...

I don't know who Peter Brant is, but he's great. He pops up all the time on Mail stories, usually offering intelligent and liberal views. Perhaps it's a pseudonym for pissed-off Mail moderators fed up with the tide of hate? If he's a real bloke, I'd like to buy him a pint.

eric the fish said...

Apparently he does exist although some say he is not of our world. A pint, eh? Cue a queue of Sparticus proportions.

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Anon: see my comment on the Black and White piece.

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This is a very naughty anti-white site .