Well Met Again

I've often mentioned the symbiotic relationship between the odious BNP and the Daily Mail. On the one hand they stand for very similar values but on the other hand they distance themselves from each other. The Mail does not wish to be seen as the vanguard of white supremacism but it is clearly the paper of choice.

Today's paper highlights the fact that the BNP has used wartime songs to bolster its funds. The CD called - not unintentionally - White Cliffs of Dover contains such spiffing tunes as Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line and (to Vera Lynn's anger) her version of the title track.

Now, leaving aside the issue of copyright - Lynn was not the composer - the irony of using songs that document the fight against the Nazis should not be lost. Of course, it's not the first time the BNP has occupied this territory. It provoked a storm last year by selling replica Victoria Crosses and often tries to hijack Remembrance Day parades angering the British Legion.

All of this is part of the BNP's tactic of turning tables by aligning itself with traditional issues whilst accusing opponents of being the real Fascists.

The comments and ratings on the story are an eye-opener though. The Mail - not averse to stifling comment- is quite happy to lets its army of bigots make the hate that dares not speak its name.

  • oh dear, even the title is very un-PC. Shouldn't it be "any coloured cliffs of Dover", hahah!!!! M. Mork, Odder, Denmark, 18/2/2009 13:09

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Calling Mork. Just sod off. There are funnier abbatoir tours.
  • the BNP are a legal political party. Grow up!!

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  • At 91 years old she doesn't need the hassle from the left which i've no doubt brought this issue up with her!

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Not that any of the above would support such a racist party. Oh no! The rest of the comments with positive ratings point out the problems of performing rights. That this is their only concern speaks volumes. Their silence on the BNP issue is deafening.

Then there are the comments which get pulled down:
  • With any luck she'll sue the scum off the face of the earth. Still, the laws of survival of the fittest will see them off soon enough, since racists, are by definition, lacking basic intelligence.

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A person attacking racism is down voted!
  • Good on her! I'm glad someone remembers the war was about fighting thugs with ideologies not a million miles away from the BNP's!

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  • I'm not surprised she has spoken out. It would be really embarrassing to be associated with the BNP.

    By the way, will they bring out another album in appreciation of the efforts of people from other countries, races and tongues who fought and died alongside our forces in the war?

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So there we are. Defend the BNP and receice kudos; point out historical facts and get voted down.

UPDATE: the comments are getting worse. The Mail must be so proud.
  • Peter Brant, Worthing.

    I am what you would describe as a "racist" and my IQ was recently tested at 148. I am a barrister and live in what is generally considered to be an affluent area.

    I also have no doubts whatsoever that I could run rings around bigoted, left-wing fascists such as yourself, without breaking a sweat.

    It is narrow-minded, fomaing-at-the-mouth leftists such as yourself that 'lack basic intelligence'.

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Tom is saying that he is such a clever chap. Who'd have thought it possible that the Bar could have such right-wingers in its midst. Yes, the old left-wing fascist argument. Well done Tom. Obviously Tom i you're such a great barrister, why were you not in demand at 2.53 this afternoon. No further questions.


John B said...

Not sure who'd consider Middlesboro to be an 'affluent area', but heigh ho...

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