Get Back To Where You All Belong

The wildcat strikes being held in atrocious conditions across Britain seem to have created a few divisions. When news first broke a few days ago my immediate thought was to fear a repeat of the 'Dockers for Enoch' stoppages o the 1970s. Indeed, a couple of the early callers to Radio Merseyside over the support given by workers at Fiddlers Ferry to those on Humberside seemed to confirm suspicions.

However, as more acts came out it emerged that there is more to this story than first thought.
Much will depend on the actual facts of the case and whether the Italian company are breaching the terms or perhaps the spirit of the Latvian agreement.

One shop steward - speaking in a personal capacity due to Industrial law - made a strong case based on asking for a level playground and made plain that this was not a matter of xenophobia.

What was always certain was that the bandwagon jumpers at the BNP (and there are sometimes left wing groups equally culpable in some instances) would be chomping at the bit.

Simon Darby started blogging about getting his Truth Trucks up to places connected with the action, which was a cause for concern.

What you won't see on his blog, however, was the following positive action by workers, where the BNP invaders are told where they should go, as covered on Channel 4 news here.

(Hat tip to IANSREDLOG)

UPDATE: Eyebrow armer Darby claims this is an SWP infiltrator and that workers at Fiddlers Ferry will all be voting BNP. The truth will out.