A New Shame at The Mail

Another day, another BNP story I'm afraid. If the Daily Mail is not totally ashamed of itself then there is no hope.

Normally the online readers of the Melanie Phillips column are very supportive of her views so it may come as a bit of a surprise for Mel, who is Jewish, to see what her fanbase is saying.

The article itself is no great shakes but it is headlined as 'The Odious BNP is only gaining ground because voters feel so betrayed'.

The comments are - even by Mail monkey standards - alarming. All ratings from fellow readers are in green and are voted up (apart from the very last one).

  • Do you seriously consider the BNP to be a worse choice than the lying, cheating labour rabble.

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Says the man from Bush's state.
  • The BNP are the only party standing for Britain and British people.
    The labour and the tories have sold our country out..
    Where is our Referendum.
    Where are our Freedoms...

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  • It should not be any surprise when you have arrogant out of touch politicians all with their greedy snouts in the trough the voters will turn to the BNP as a protest vote. Every man/woman in the street can see Britain has lost control of it's borders and immigration is rampant. Why do politicians not see this simple fact
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Good to see democracy and free speech alive and kicking in the UAE.
  • Its in response to 60 years of the British people being ignored by parties of all flavours. Events such as the Notting Hill riots showed the British people did not wan't large scale immigration but they were ignored. Labour has elevated immigration, both legal and illegal to a new level. Voters see scandels such as Abu Quatar costing millions when taxpayers can't get anti cancer drugs and they feel very bitter.
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  • Lets hope the BNP get lots of votes next time time for a change.

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  • I'd only return to UK if BNP were in power!

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Unbelievable! Over a hundred people think this makes sense. A man in Romania supporting a putative government which would deport Romanians and in particular Roma.
  • "nine-month suspended prison sentence in 1998 for inciting racial hatred by suggesting the Holocaust was a hoax invented by the Jews to make money."

    I thought Holocaust denial was legal in this country?

    I don't deny it happened, however, I will defend the right of anyone to claim that it didn't.

    It's called 'free speech' and is something that we lost a long time ago.

    Derek Church, Sussex, UK, 23/2/2009 8:05 Rating 94
It's legal therefore it's OK. Free speech? Derek, you protest too much.
  • Melanie Philips.I find your description of the BNP as'odious' offensive as it therefore describes the decent people who support the BNP as odious.You have no write to say such things.Journalists should be objective which you obviously are not.
    People are not fooled by this blackguarding of the BNP anymore.Nu Labour are Odious.

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You read the Mail, Owen, and expect journalistic objectivity. Doh!
  • I am an alien in this land, I do not understand the language and do not know which new language to learn as there seems to be so many spoken. I do not understand the religion either, there seem to be so many, all of them incomprehensible to me. I do not understand the culture either, it seems to consist of being very loud in the streets while being very drunk, it also seems to consist showing a complete lack of respect for the law.
    I am male, white, born in Norwich and currently living in Essex, I will vote for any party that promises to deport me back to the land of my birth.

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Any opposing comments are shouted down:
  • Reading the comments here makes me feel quite uneasy. I hope the extreme-right views doesn't represent Britain as a whole. As a British/Italian Jew I would be probably in a very unstable situation with the rise of a Nazi party. I better start doing something about my brown hair and olive skin before is too late, I say.

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Well done Der Sturmer. You must be feeling very proud today. Another reason why the BNP, despite the occasional slap from the Mail, still links to Mail stories ad nauseam.