Mersey Pool of Hate

My comment on the local BNP site got deleted as the purveyors of hate don't want the followers to read criticism. So much for democracy and freedom of speech under the BNP. What is of more interest is the standard of comment that does get published on their site of shame.

  • When they think you can be destoyed with impunity via the Stinky Phillips propaganda show they bring on air a meek and mild Granny with one tit having to have the other removed to cancer saying saying how she was treated by a wonderful Asian doctor!! Too much information? Nah This old self confessed lifelong communist/socialist granny by the name of Olive from Huyton is there to do a repeat perfomance that she has done many times over the years on Radio Merseyside, Pete Price Talk in-show, Talk Sport Radio and more.'Stinky' Phillips was well aware of her established act, this poor old grannys there to get the sympathy vote. This would be Rosa Luxembourge whines as she praises the multi racial cess pit she has worked all her life to bring on us. Between the weak whispers of greatfullness to the Asians and Blacks for manning whats left of the the NHS without explaining what has happened to the white doctors and nurses. She then labelled the potential voter for BNP - a Nazi, facist, anti- capitalist and a Hitler lover. These are strong political overtones from a old sweet, meek mild old granny. It came as no surprise to some, they have heard this act before, not only from dear old Olive but from others on many occasions. It would not be a surprise to find out 'stinky' Phillips engineered the whole thing as he and others are familiar with her act. It is a well established con job by communists/socialists a method used by them many times to win sympathy over there opposition. 'Stinky' Phillips also said that he had no idea that Jack Straw, David Blunkett and Co. had been and probably still are Marxist's. He then accused the would be BNP voter of being a liar.
    So much for the freedom of speech!!
The last sentence is today's winner of the Irony Oscar.


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You wouldn't be Peter, who deleted the comment and then said,
"And I've deleted that one as well eric the fishy scumbag.

Why dont you sue me over that as well you gobshite."

I think you need to understand grammar and punctuation, Pete. Perhaps you could enrol on an English as a second language course.

Notice how I haven't deleted your biting satire from this site. Is that really the level of debate we can expect from you and Molloy?


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