NOW that's what I call ignorance

A short post today. I watched the Perseus meteor shower last night. For once the sky was clear and the sight was worth staying up for. I do have a stiff neck though. It is amazing to think that the flying particles that shoot across the night sky are little more than the size of a grain of sand.

A million times smaller than that is the brain of a News of The World reader. I don't normally find myself peering at the filth and lies they vomit, but I noticed the large number of comments about a story that a local council was decorating and refurbishing some properties used to house asylum seekers.

Obviously, the vast majority of readers believe that they should live in septic tanks and eat dust. The usual racist morons trotted out the tired cliches about asylum seekers getting free cars, mobile phones etc. Newspapers like the NOW like to stir up matters with such exaggerated hate-filled gutter journalism. Myths become fact. Light the blue touchpaper and exeunt.

The comments are not worthy of a reply, but one particular rant caught my eye as I enjoy idiots being hoist upon their own petard.

So, today's Academy Award for outstanding stupidity in a sea of ignorance, goes to :-

lea fahy

The comment posted by "CONCERNED". Why dont you learn our language before you try stick your nose into British buisness. Maybe if you took the time to learn how to read, write and spell this language, Then maybe us brits would actually take notice of what your saying.
Or maybe not, Why dont you go back to your own country and work your butt off for the next 20 years, Then ill bring all my family over be tret like kings and queens and see how you like it!!!!
If you know someone called Lea Fahy (and I have every confidence that she can spell her own name correctly), you should point at her in the street. it's the only way they'll learn.
NB She even lambasted the wrong person!

Remember their views are not the gospel truth
Each morning our piece of the world comes through the door
More often it's just a comic, not much more

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