The Mirror Replies

I received the folowing email from the author of the Scouts story (see Mirror Crack'd) post.

Sorry it has taken me a while to reply - have been a bit busy. And I have taken your comments on board in the spirit they were intended. I certainly would not want us to pursue the agenda of the Daily Mail and I think, thankfully, we are still worlds apart. But the truth is thirteen of those registered for the jamboree were unaccounted for. It is correct to say the police said this was not suspicious - but that merely means because the youngsters are on visitors visas they had not yet overstayed their entitlement. In the recent past large sporting events have been used by some people to enter the country and then remain. We could ignore these facts but I don't think that does anyone any favours. I think the difference is that Mirror readers are intelligent enough to undersand that just become someone overstays their visa or enters the country iillegally doesn't make them the devil incarnate. It is a lot more complex than that and in recent years - unlike many other papers but especially the Daily Mail - we have repeatedly drawn attention to the reality of life for asylum seekers - stripping away the lies peddled by those with a distinct right-wing agenda.

It is impressive that the writer has taken the time to respond. I still think the story could have been less contoversial if it explained the situation better. However, it is heartening to see that comments are taken on board by the paper and its clear intention to distance itself from the Mail. A few years back the Mirror seemed to view the Mail as its rival rather than The Sun, which gave cause for concern. what is not in doubt is that The Mirror will continue to be left leaning. Given the circulation figures for tabloid papers it is more important than ever to offer an alternative to The Sun, Star and Mail.