Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

There is a poll in the Daily Mail at the moment about emigrating. This is connected to the current obsession with the number of people leaving these shores. The figure at the moment is 86%.

The question, would the last one to leave please turn off the lights echoes a famous headline in The Sun on election day 1992 when Neil Kinnock was Labour Party leader. These people still stayed here even after Labour won in 1997 (Phil Collins needed no persuasion to be a tax exile in Switzerland) and those on this survey will still remain here moaning.

If I thought we could get rid of these nasty DM readers I would willingly contribute to the one-way air fare. However, I wouldn't want to inflict them on other nations.
As regards the figures of immigrant and migrants, there is an excellent piece here on the 5CC site. This goes into great depth to show up the Mail for the manipulator of dodgy stats it is.