More anti-Poland Propaganda

Daily Mail + Daily Mail Readership = 5

The Daily Mail has managed to stir up further hate with another non-story today. A Polish themed pub is to open in London. Shock, horror! Man the barricades! It's not as if we have any other themed pubs in the UK is it? No faux Irish bars, American Sports bars, Revolution Russian Vodka bars. No restaurants serving Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Caribbean food?

The story does not make any claims about the bar. It just reports the fact and let's the bigoted bastards that read this rag fill in the racist gaps. The infamous Weems woman never lets us down in such times. I bet she goes to church each Sunday and claims to be a caring and loving Christian. I tried to leave a comment but yet again nothing published despite the claims of the site moderator I referred to in an earlier post.

The story appeared in The Times a few days earlier and can be seen here. Note that the Mail omit to tell its mad readership that the pub, The Cuckoo and Rainbow (very traditional English pub name!) was closed and this new venture (by a UK company) saved it.

Here is the full article:

Crack open the vodka ... it's a pub for the Poles 11th August 2007

They are set to have their own university in West London - so it is fitting that the Polish community should also have its own pub.
The Belvedere will welcome its first regulars next month, serving specialities such as Zubrowka vodka and placki ziemniaczane (potato fritter).
And its name will resonate with Poles. Not only is Belvedere a well-known vodka but it is also the name of a palace in Warsaw where the composer Chopin performed.

The local in Acton, West London, is being launched by leisure chain Laurel.
It is thought to be the first Polish pub opened by a major UK operator - following the hundreds of Polish-themed bars and restaurants that have sprung up in Britain since the former communist state joined the EU in 2004.

News of its opening comes after an announcement that a university in the Polish city of Lodz is launching an annexe in Shepherd's Bush, West London.
The Academy of Humanities is sending 12 lecturers.

Then the nasty racist comments :

Why dont we just let then take over the whole Country.- Jacqui Weems, Southampton

Soon we will all be forced to learn Polish, because English will be banned by the PC brigade! Gindobre!- Charlotte Browning, Bolton, Lancs, England

Why isn't this against the anti-discrimination laws? If the indigenous white English population opened their own pub just for them, we would soon have uproar!- Elizabeth Kent, London, England

Just returned from a holiday in Dorset, didn't get served by one English person in any pub or restaurant, thought we had landed in Poland instead of leafy Dorset!- Christina Boden, Thailand

There will be no exemption from the no smoking ban will there if it a part of their culture to have a smoke and a pint, where have I heard that before, a smoke and a pint?- Rose Howard, Milton Keynes

Pity they don't build their own hospitals first.- Jack Cranfield, Bolton, Lancs, England

Is this all we can expect with a labour government. Why are the Polish and other foreign people made more welcome than bona fide British people.If we are to be a fully fledged state run by the EU, why can't we have some of the benefits that are supposed to be part of it.- John, Tendring. Essex

People who come to live in Britain are supposed to integrate, not have their own university, shops and pubs. It should not be allowed.- Jim, Cornwall

Why are the Poles getting their own university? If they like our country so much, then they should study at our universities. Allowing immigrants to create their own 'country' within a country stops them from integrating. I thought our government had learned its lesson and was going to put a stop to this non-integration by foreigners.And unless they stop this and make everyone accept the English/British way of life, then England, and eventually Britain, will cease to exist.- Alan, London

Such comments just make you want to end it all. My plea to Polish people is that not everyone is like these ignorant monkeys. The Weems woman cannot even write English properly (see above).

This was the response to my email about bias in the selection of comments in the democracy and free speech loving Mail:
(the first bit refers to the racist comment posted in a previous story referred to in my post of......)

Hello *****

I am the senior communities editor for the Daily Mail. Firstly I would like to thank for your mail re: Gangland warfare erupts with fourth shooting in a week. That comment was let through accidentally by one of our moderators, as soon as it was spotted it was removed. I would like to apologise for any offence that the comment caused. We will continue to do everything we can to make sure that things like that don't make it on to our site in future.

Re your second issue about comments. All comments get put into a queue where they then pass through moderation and although we try to publish as many as we can, not all comments are published. Comments can fail to pass through moderation for many reasons, some common reasons are that they contain a URL or they are they are defamatory or insulting. Additionally comments that requite a lot of editing before they can be published such as submissions written ALL IN CAPS or lacking any punctuation can be failed as time and resource restraints dictate. Please be assured that there is no editorial policy in place that would seek to prevent the discussion of both sides of the story and we value comments from both perspectives.

Tessa B*************
Senior Communities Editor
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Registered office: Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT
Registered in England and Wales with Company no. 03363661

I wasn't satisfied by this so I wrote back pointing out that this policy of not preventing discussion was not borne out of my experience, and that the same old names cropped up on a daily basis. Reference is also made to the racist comment which was removed. A copy of the original page cached can be found in the post mentioned earlier. I also stated that the comments I send tend to me more grammatically correct than the average Mail reader!

This came back on August 1st.

Hi *********,
Thanks for your mail. I have spoken with the moderator that let that comment through, I have absolutely no doubt that she regrets overlooking that comment, she herself was reduced to tears after reading it.

I can only apologise that your comments haven't gone live. If you can send me the links to the articles that you commented on, I will go back and make your comments live.

As for those regulars that get their comments posted, yes, they post comments on every article which is why you see them so regularly.Please send me the link to articles and I will put up your comments.I hope to see many of your comments in the future.

Tessa B*********
Senior Communities Editor