Today's Lesson

I was quite busy today, so I haven't had time to post much. I do have some ramblings ready for publication but they need tweaking and caressing until they reach the intended climax. I am still working on my Nagasaki piece. My friend there said that they held prayers at 11.02 (Japanese time) to remember the dead. My thoughts are also with the past present and future generations of the city.

I have registered with a language learning service website as I want to help teach English. I noticed there some people on various sites offering such a service, which although voluntary, seemed to be a bit lacking. There were plenty of American teens asking if anyone wanna learn english (sic) so I thought I would do my bit to rectify the situation. Call me an irrational fascist (go on, I dare you) but I don't like the 'U' to be stolen from my 'colour'. Moreover, I am passionate (go on, I dare you) about countering the lazy nasal drawl that pervades current speech in this country. I knew I could sound like a Daily Mail reader one day!

Anyhow, I now have 4 victims/pupils enrolled in the School of fish.