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It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.
—Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

When I started this blog I convinced myself that it wouldn't turn into a rant against the evil Daily Mail and its barking mad readers. However, as I am a masochist I always read the DM online. In the past I was reliant upon seeing someone else's copy, but now I am affected by the radiation emanating from its cyber version.

Today, another story about foreign criminals rears its ugly head. The Mail helpfully included a league table of nationalities committing crime in the capital. It also had a clip art picture of a masked burglar in case any reader had any doubts as to what constitutes this crime.

I am trying to find the exact figures for the number of foreign nationals living in London in 2007 but there appear to be conflicting statistics. It is quite clear, however, that the number is a lot higher than the national figure. This is to be expected in any capital or major city, be it Paris, Rome or Sydney.

Wikipedia quotes the last Census of 2001 thus:

In the 2001 census, 71.15% of these seven and a half million people classed their ethnic group as white (classified as White British (59.79%), White Irish (3.07%) or "Other White" (8.29%, mostly Polish, Greek Cypriot, Italian and French)), 12.09% as Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or "Other Asian" (mostly Sri Lankan, Arab and other South Asian ethnicities), 10.91% as Black (around 7% as Black African, 4.79% as Black Caribbean, 0.84% as "Other Black"), 3.15% as mixed race, 1.12% as Chinese and 1.58% as other (mostly Filipino, Japanese, and Vietnamese). 21.8% of inhabitants were born outside the European Union. The Irish, from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, number approximately 200,000, as do the Scots and Welsh combined.

Although, Wikipedi can sometimes be less than accurate, it is clear that, allowing for an increase in the last 6 years after the entry of other countries into the EU, the figure of 30% is a good starting point.

Therefore, proportionally, the number of crimes committed is lower than expected. There are other factors to be taken into account such as social conditions. Whilst this in no way condones criminality, it is well-known that certain types of crime occur more predominately in certain areas. Indeed, it is often the poorer people who are the victims; not many thieves are Robin Hood devotees.

Foreigners commit 20 per cent of crime in London, say police

14th August 2007

More than one in five crimes committed in London in the first six months of this year were carried out by a foreign citizen, new police figures have revealed.
During the period there were 22,793 crimes in the capital for which a foreign national has been charged.

More than a quarter were violent offences, ranging from murder to assault. There were also nearly 6,000 drug offences, 414 sex crimes, 522 robberies and almost 1,000 burglaries.
The highest number of offences were carried out by Poles, charged with 2,310 crimes between the start of January and the end of June.

Jamaicans, Irish nationals, Somalians and Romanians - accused of more than 1,000 crimes - had the next worst levels of offending.

The figures, released by the Met under the Freedom of Information Act, will fuel debate about the Government's immigration policy.
Ministers insist the large influx of foreign nationals has significant economic benefits, despite concerns about the pressure on services.

But shadow immigration minister Damien Green described today's figures as disturbing.
"This is a fairly shocking side effect of the lack of control of our borders and the sheer numbers of people coming to Britain," he said.

The new statistics cover the number arrested and charged for "notifiable offences" - those which are more serious - and show a total of 106,678 crimes.
Of these, 82,459 were committed by Britons with a further 1,426 carried by people of "unknown" nationality, leaving foreign nationals responsible for the remaining offences.
Seven EU members - Poland, Ireland, Romania, Lithuania, France, Portugal and Italy, all of whose citizens are free to travel to Britain - feature in a list of the 20 nationalities responsible for the highest number of offences.

Among the Poles, 583 were charged with violent crimes, 32 with sex offences, 201 with burglary, 635 with theft or handling and 626 with drug offences.
Drug crime accounted for around half the Italian and French totals, while the Irish were responsible for the highest level of burglary with 403 recorded offences.
The main crime committed by Romanians, whose working rights in the UK are severely restricted, was theft or handling with 695 such offences.
Among non-EU citizens, Jamaicans have the highest level of offending with 1,750 crimes during the six month period covered by the figures.

Of these, 770 were drug offences, while there were also 425 violent crimes, 28 sex offences and 42 robberies by Jamaican passport holders.
The worst fraud total was recorded by Nigerians, with 275 crimes, while Somalian nationals were also among the most frequent offenders.

The Met's decision to begin recording the nationality of offenders follows a Home Office request made after the row last year over the Government's failure to consider more than 1,000 foreign national prisoners for deportation.

Then let the dogs out...................................(my snide remarks are in bold in parentheseis)

Anyone pointing out the many disadvantages of the Government's immigration policy is routinely pilloried as a racist. By preventing a national debate on this issue the Government is only storing up future problems. All it will take is a serious recession and the far right parties will have a field day. This Government overestimates British tolerance and underestimates the speed at which tipping points are reached. A Government that was more aware of British, European and World history, as well as some of the more recent findings of the social sciences, would adopt a far more cautious approach. It is not even true to say that we have always been tolerant. We only became so towards the end of the 19th century and even then only in a limited way. Most of the changes that have taken place since WWII have only just about managed to stay on the right side of the tipping point. So far, so good but professional gamblers know when to quit before their luck runs out.-

Mark, Poplar London England

(This pillock from London, England is a regular with his little Englander bile. He seems to imply that we should return to the middle of the 19th Century before our 'tolerance' got the better of us. What planet is this lunatic on?)

I am so glad at last somebody has dared speak the truth. But we are still letting them flood into the country, when are we going to learn.- Jacqui Weems, Southampton

(There's no show without Punch! When are you going to learn to use the correct PUNCTUATION, Jacqui?)

I can't wait for Richard Littlejohn to get his teeth into this!- Steve, Birmingham

(Littlejohn is probably wetting his thermal underwear at the very thought. Steve, next time I go to Birmingham, please stand near me so I can laugh and point at you.)

I feel better now.

Another foreigner in Britain?

The Mail also had a story which also appeared in the Guardian (see below). Rather interestingly, whereas the crime figures story had 22 cooments from salivating mongrels, there were no comments about the plight of immigrant workers. A collective "Fuck 'em" could be heard from the DM rottweilers.

Gangmaster shut down for mistreating workers

August 14, 2007 Guardian Unlimited

Forty Bulgarian workers were forced to scavenge for food in fields when their Cornish gangmaster failed to pay them for more than a month, it emerged today.

The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) said it had revoked the licence of Baltic Work Team Ltd, of Redruth, after finding a "significant threat to the health and welfare of employees".
"They had to scratch around in the fields to find things to eat, there were improper reductions and we had to act because of the threats the firm was making to the workers," said the GLA chairman, Paul Whitehouse.

He told the BBC's Farming Today that the "terrified" workers were being threatened by their employer with being sent back to Bulgaria if they did not pay a £100 deposit.
"It is unacceptable that the workers were left to scavenge in fields for food as they had not been paid for 35 days," Mr Whitehouse said. "It was only through the intervention of the GLA that the workers finally got their money."
The firm had already had its licence revoked but was allowed to continue trading until August 24 at an appeal hearing. The decision to revoke the licence with immediate effect came after a second investigation into the firm.

"Baltic must stop trading immediately. I find it incredulous that a business who had been given the chance at the appeal hearing to put their house in order and re-apply for a new licence would not take this opportunity," Mr Whitehouse said.

Baltic Work Team Ltd has a right of appeal against the revocation of its licence.
Anyone who supplies workers to the agriculture, shellfish gathering, food and drink processing or packaging sectors in the UK needs to be licensed by the GLA or they risk prosecution and up to 10 years in prison.

It is also an offence to use labour supplied by an unlicensed gangmaster in GLA-regulated sectors. The maximum penalty is a £5,000 fine and six months in prison. The legislation was introduced last year.