Daily Mail Hypocrisy Again

I wonder how DM journalists ever sleep at night. I hope they all suffer the indignity of poverty in the near future and that they get Eastern European neighbours. Then and only then will they realise what it is like to be dependent on welfare, AND that the vast majority of foreign nationals here are law-abiding, hard-working and integrating. Anyway, enough of the rant and on with the evidence.

Cast your minds back to my post regarding the attempts by people not sharing the DM viewpoint and the racist post from one contributor and you can see why I am so pissed off with not being allowed to have my posts published. I also refer to the mealy mouthed response from the moderator. Of course as this would never happen at The Mail it allows them to have a dig at the BBC without the readers knowing about their own faux pas and editorial policy. I think this hypocrisy needs further airing.

More double standards in another attack on the Stalinist BBC. Or Bloody British Communists as DM eternal colonels would have us believe.

The whole article needs to be read for the full effect.

BBC forced to removed 'bastard' slur about Jesus from its website By
JASON LEWIS 18th August 2007

The BBC has been forced to remove statements from its website referring to Jesus as a 'bastard'.
It is the latest in a string of offensive comments that BBC editors have allowed members of the public to post.
The remarks have been allowed to remain for weeks, despite complaints from religious groups.

It has led to claims that the BBC is allowing its output to be hijacked by extremists while censoring anti-Muslim sentiment.
The remarks about Jesus were left as part of a discussion of the death of the Archbishop of Paris.
The debate had descended into an argument about the merits of Christians, Jews and Muslims when a writer, known as 'colonelartist', posted: "Are you a christian? You do know that jesus had to hide all his short life he lived in those promised land because his tribesmen used to call him fatherless, ridiculed him for being a B-A-S-T-A-R-D...'
He added: "Jesus...was also persecuted because the jews would never accept as their Messiah a person whose father was missing...'

The comments were allowed to remain for a week despite complaints. But after The Mail on Sunday contacted senior BBC officials, they were deleted.
Colonelartist is a regular contributor to the BBC site.
He has also written: "The jews in much remembered concentration camps had even better qualitity of freedom that these palestinians have...'
One website user wanted to see if BBC editors were allowing these offensive remarks to remain while blocking others. He wrote: "No one can surpass the Muslims for denial of their role in Terrorism and Suicide bombing." The remarks were almost immediately deleted.
The BBC has also been criticised for allowing allegedly anti-Semitic posts from a contributor called "Iron Naz'.
In a message left on the site for more than a month, Iron Naz says: "Zionism is a racist ideology where jews are given supremacy over all other races and faiths. This is found in the Talmud...which allows jews to lie as long as its to non-jews."
The remarks brought complaints from the Board of Deputies, the organisation that represents Britain's Jews and its Community Security Trust. They say the post draws on a discredited 19th Century text, the Talmud Unmasked, which is still distributed by neo-Nazi booksellers.
However, the BBC said the remarks did not merit removal.
A spokesman said posts were taken down if they were considered likely to 'disrupt, provoke attack or offend others or are considered racist, homophobic, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable'.
The Board of Deputies intends to pursue its complaints. Mark Gardiner, of the Community Security Trust, said: "The BBC obviously no longer recognises anti-Semitism. The BBC is a public body, funded by the British taxpayer. It has legal obligations."
Last night the Church of England also criticised the management of the BBC discussion sites noting that "voices of reason, compassion and charity seem to get little look-in".
A spokesman said: "Discussion - including robustly critical discussion - of any faith's doctrines and practices is an important feature of civilised discourse.
"But deliberately or recklessly offensive denigration of those doctrines and practices is unacceptable."

Then, the usual cretins queue up to comment:

When are we going to take the BBC by the throat and strangle it.-

E Pryor, Gravesend

I think you'll find that all BBC message boards are not moderated - edited - by the BBC itself. I'm sure that it has been sub-contracted to a private company and it would be interesting to see what qualifications or otherwise the people who do the moderation have and where they are physically located.- Baz, London, UK

In addition to this story there are another couple of beauties. Firstly, it has come to the attention of the DM sniffer dogs that custard creams have been demanded by asylum seekers being held at a detention centre. The implication is that they should be grateful for scraps the dogs leave and sleep in chains. Here are the usual sick views from the caring, compassionate and Christian Mail readers:

For goodness sake - send them all back to where they came from!- A. M., Dorset

Just what is being run here? A five star hotel or a detention centre? I suggest that if the inhabitants of the centre are unhappy, they should return to their place of origin.There are literally thousands of Britons on or below the poverty line and they can't even afford the luxury of a plain biscuit let alone custard creams. These people, if I understand correctly, have no right of abode and are subject to assessment by the authorities. Prison food with dietary consideration for religious beliefs is more than adequate.It is an absolutely appalling state of affairs when detainees are better looked after than the native residents of a country. This is political correctness gone mad.What next - limousines to the park on Sundays and personal masseurs with tailored clothing from Oxford Street?- Bob Down, Brisbane, Australia

Then another scientific discovery which turns out to be absolute crap. However, this has sinister overtones about the superiority of races and persons with blue eyes. Hmm heard that somewhere before haven't we. Ah yes, that nice Herr Hitler (supported by this very paper as he snatched power in the 1930s.

At least some comments have been made showing it to be scientific nonsense, but I get the feeling this is sour grapes from those with brown eyes. One or two posts hint at more worrying aspects.

Perhaps it is not eye color, but race?- Theodore James, U.S.

Do you realize that almost only white people have blue eyes?- Marco, Milan, Italy

This reminds me of controversy over race and IQ and in particular the furore surrounding the publication of the Bell Curve by Murray et al. More detail can be seen on Wikipedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bell_Curve but the frightening aspects are the calls for the elimination or reduction of welfare programmes as such are seen as having a negative effect on net IQ levels. Social engineering by any other name. Dr Mengele your time is nigh, this might suggest.

Given the calls for tax cuts and the abolition of Inheritance Tax at the moment, these will have to be funded from cuts to public spending. You can see how this would sit so well with the greedy dullards that read this rag.

Finally, DM idiots are never ones to turn any story into a let's bash the Government and cut back on foreign aid, so here's a comment from Blackpool's finest inhabitant, Mr. Stanley. He gets extra marks for including the topical jibe about asylum seekers' biscuits. I think he knows how to spell 'spending', but he's just pretendind to be stupid.

Maybe we should cut back on the custard creams and spend money were it is needed? Let's look after the British people for a change, instead of fighting wars and spendind money on things that do not concern us, and we cannot afford.- Mike Stanley, Blackpool