The Thick Blue Lyin'

When the BNP list was leaked online, alongside the beautiful irony of the Fascists calling upon the very human rights legislation they wanted to abolish, we saw a deliberate tactic of denying membership. So proud were these nationalists that they did not wish to come out of the closet of shame.

We now have the spectacle of sacked policeman Steve 'I thought it was a golf club I was joining' Bettley announcing that he wishes to appeal. So be it.

The Liverpool Daily Post has raised the hackles of the media starlet and erstwhile animal lover (not in the literal sense you understand), Simon Darby with a stinging attack on the hatemeisters:

  • A HEARTY well done to Merseyside Police for their swift and decisive response to the case of PC Steve Bettley. Bettley’s name was on a document which listed 12,000 people who were alleged to be members of the unsavoury British National Party. Over the weekend, Merseyside Police announced PC Bettley had been dismissed from his position.
Of course, Darby shows the real contempt that his party has for workers who may be threatened with losing their jobs in the current economic downturn. On a day when massive job cuts were announced by the BNP's favourite uncle, The Daily Mail Group, he raises the possibility of the same outcome at the Post and Echo, saying, "Couldn't happen to nicer people is my opinion."
Next time the BNP turn up on picket lines claiming to support workers let it be known that they are really only interested in stirring up trouble and anti-immigrant feeling.

I know it is lazy to continually use the Nazi motif when judging the BNP, but the similarities remain despite them trying to align themselves with spitfire pilots and Churchill. Further evidence if needed comes in one of the daily outpourings of anti-Semitic bile on the Merseyside BNP site. Nobody questions this so the silence speaks volumes. The latest example was a lengthy post in support of Holocaust denier, Horst Mahler, recently jailed in Germany:
  • If one realizes, as I do, that the "Holocaust" Religion is the principal weapon for the moral and cultural destruction of the German nation, then it is clear that what is at stake here is nothing less than the collective right of self-defense, that is, Germany's right to survive.
The real voice of the BNP.

The challenge is to make support of the BNP as socially unacceptable as buying The Sun has become on Merseyside.