America's Least Wanted

Remember those nutters on Louis Theroux? Yes, I know most were but these were special: the God Hates Fags zombies. Far from being a 12 step help group for smokers, they are the kind of purveyors of hate that make the BNP look sane and rational.

As The Guardian points out, they are now planning to protest against a school in London,which - in their world view - promotes sodomy.

  • The group's founder, Reverend Fred Phelps, was barred from entering Britain last month to stop him spreading "extremism and hatred". He had intended to picket a play about a homophobic killing.
Down with this sort of thing! Careful now! (He won't get the Father Ted reference but there you go).
  • A message on the group's website announcing their plans said: "God hates the UK"
However, apparently we're in good company as He (or she) also hates Sweden and Obama. Not too keen on the Romans either, but Mr Mugabe is probably seen as a great visionary.

Germany also comes into the equation. The vile group aims to picket the memorial service for the victims of Winnenden on March 21st. Their crude poster states, "Thank God for the shooter and 16 dead, fag-infested Krauts." Even The Express would have thought twice about publishing that one.

Should they be banned? Or is it better to just let these loons make fools out of themselves? They'll certainly get a shock in the capital: it's definitely not Kansas, Toto.