Littlejohn's BNP Texas Hold 'Em

Given Richard Littlejohn's residence in Florida, perhaps the title is a bit out. Still, if we thought the Express had a hit a new low with its Dunblane debacle, today's Littlejohn ejaculation takes no prisoners either. Or rather it does.

He does not deserve much of a metaphorical kicking for fear of making him a martyr. Not that stops him inciting hatred and violence today.

One of the Luton protestors works at an airport. Luton Airport I was less than surprised to hear.
Cue knee-jerk reaction from the real jerk.

  • Airport officials insist: 'He would be in a supervised environment at all times.'

    Somehow, I doubt that's the kind of 'supervised environment' most of us would like to see him in. That would involve orange jumpsuits, armed guards, razor-wire and large dogs.

Yes, the man who routinely lambasts the Government for preventing freedom of speech would, in a move which dog whistles to strange bedfellow Simon Darby, that the ante is upped, see citizens guilty of no crime sent on rendition flights. I see your put them on a plane to Afghanistan and I'll raise you Guantanamo Bay for British citizens and chuck in some racial profiling.
  • It's the same warped mindset which sees groups of young Muslim men, accompanied by faceless women in burqas, waved through airport security without so much as a cursory glance, while old-age pensioners from Tunbridge Wells on their way to a long weekend in Madeira are subjected to the full Spanish Inquisition and a humiliating strip search.
That'll be Disgusted from T. Wells? Sigh! He's been watching old reruns of Not The Nine O'Clock News where the bandit with guns and ammo gets through the metal detector but the vicar gets the full treatment. Good to see the BBC getting royalties from ex-pats in Florida, Rich!
  • The Royal Anglians would have been forgiven had they fixed bayonets and charged. If these Toytown Talibandits consider themselves part of the global jihad and think killing British soldiers is a way to behave, let them step up to the plate - not hide behind a police cordon.
So protesting automatically makes you a warrior or suicide bomber? The small number of the extreme group were clearly misguided in their protest, but given some of the atrocities committed in our name in Iraq, having a triumphant march past was not the greatest idea either. These soldiers are volunteers and whilst it must be a difficult situation to be in (one that neither I nor Littlejohn truly understand), they have not just got back home from the Somme.

'Going Home' seems to be a policy Littlejohn now shares with his BNP brotherhood. As Rule 5 of the snazzily-titled BNP Languages and Concepts Discipline Manual 2005 makes clear,
  • We make no secret of the fact that we are an ethno-nationalist party or that our ultimate goal is the orderly, lawful, humane and voluntary repatriation of the resident foreigners of the UK.
So over to you Simon Darby. Looking to fold? Or waiting for The River (of Blood)?
If Littlejohn continues in this vein and the bigots get their way, there will be different types of soldiers marching in the streets. And when freedom of speech really does vanish, surely even Littlejohn - from his Florida hideaway - will have a tinge of regret that in the real poker game, when the stakes were high, he was helping to deal the cards.

Post Script:

I seriously thought of giving this Mail/BNP bashing a rest but LJ was just there spoiling for the fight.


Anton has already done a fuller job linking other aspects of race in The Mail. Read 'em (it) and weep.


A lot of poker puns above. I can't play to save my wife so don't point out any glaring errors. I had enough bad luck at Cheltenham today. Still Tranny beat Leicester on Wednesday!