Glass Houses

Interesting to note another couple of visits to the site from Associated Newspapers today. What's it like to be despised Mr Doughty?

As pointed out by Claude @ Hagley Road to Ladywood, the Mail's hypocrisy knows no bounds.

The Mail is outraged that there may be a concerted, organised attempt to cause mayhem in London tomorrow at the G20 summit.

  • Protesters plan to use Google Streetview and the micro-blogging site Twitter to cause mayhem at next week's G20 summit in London.
Ah, the disgusting internet.

Then there was the attack on Fred Goodwin's home:
  • Ian Bone, (of Class War) wrote on his blog: 'Top f****** work comrades!'
  • The concern is that anti-capitalist groups will copy the tactics of animal rights militants by directly targeting individuals they hold responsible for the credit crunch.
So, it comes as a bit of surprise (quel) to read this in the same paper a few days earlier:
  • This is why we must stand outside their homes throwing rocks through the windows until they do.
Max Hastings meet Ian Bone, fellow anarchist. Those without sin..........