Spit and other dogs

Simon Darby of the BNP says of the spitfire debacle:

  • As it happens, although there is a real issue with the way Britain's labour market has been allowed to be systematically raped and violated, I don't harbour any real resentment towards Polish people at all
No real resentment. Nice one. Also good to see the use of non-inflammatory language - raped....violated....-
  • The BNP isn't anti-Polish, it's just that our people have to earn a living
So, Simon Darby, define 'our'.

Then the BNP rewrite history.
  • The British National Party loves Europe but hates the EU, said Nick Griffin in a special tribute message to the Polish Spitfire pilots who served in the Royal Air Force during World War II.

    “We have deliberately used a Spitfire from the RAF No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron as our backdrop in the ‘Battle of Britain’ road show for the European elections,” Mr Griffin said.

    The BNP leader made the remarks while speaking to a Polish TV crew who came along to film the first road show event in Coventry last Saturday night. Mr Griffin went out of his way to point out to the TV crew that the image used on the backdrop was a Polish piloted Spitfire.

See? We're all conspiratists against this nice young graduate's real aims: to highlight the contribution of non-British people to the war effort. Next month - instead of White History Month - Nick will undoubtedly use a picture of some Afro-Carribean soldiers who gave their lives in WW2 on his next poster. There is more likelihood of of seeing To Kill A Mockingbird on DVD in The Mail On Sunday.

The Mail try to walk away from the BNP but let's look a bit closer and see how Griffin - a man who denied the gas chambers at Auschwitz in Poland, tries to use this as propaganda:
  • Mr Griffin said that no self-respecting nation would allow its own working people to be overwhelmed by workers from another country.

    “Poland would be very upset if a million Vietnamese came to that country, working for a bowl of rice a day and took a million jobs from Polish people,” Mr Griffin said.

As us 'meaningless' bloggers know, we are spitting in the wind, although it is interesting that the likes of Associated newspapers come here every so often. Same with The Guardian.