PC or Not PC

Following yesterday's story about The Sun and Hillsborough (I don't often set foot in that darkened place but fortunately septicisle at The Sun Lies has this patrol) I've not received a response from the journalist responsible for the piece. No surprise there.

Also here on Merseyside, Steve 'Not a Racist' Bettley has been dismissed from the police force. The Police Federation and the Black Police Association disagree as to the decision. Cue BNP shouts of 'why isn't there a white police association'.

Rather interestingly, the Mersey BNP have this to say:

  • Bernard Hogan Howe, chief Muppet and puppet of Merseyside Police is an absolute disgrace along with the Black police federation who would have been banging their drums (I cannot say Bongo drums here because of political correction)wanting Bettleys blood and sacking.............
What's that Ted? Not a racist? Might help if you knew the actual name of the organisation you seek to make comments about. Another failure from the local bigots.