No Mas!

I'm as guilty as anyone, but for Fuck's sake, this Brand/Ross story has more legs than a millipede on a bierhaus table. The Guardian is becoming a major culprit, having no fewer than 15 stories relating to the matter on its online front page.

As I wrote in July, I took the Shilling and signed up to the Green-Ink Mercenary Group by complaining to the BBC about a perceived offensive piece by Jeremy Clarkson. This produced a reply from the Beeb:

  • Please accept our apologies for any offence caused. Throughout the testing Jeremy was in awe of this car and he attributed much of that to its Italian design. As usual he made a few references which seem like typical stereotypes. As you're aware this is typical of Jeremy but he certainly doesn't mean to upset anyone and he wasn't taking a view or making a statement as much as he was a random reference. He certainly didn't mean to use the term (wop) as a derogatory slur as some in the past have.
Now, this was not on the scale of the Sachs Satanic Slut Slur, but maybe you need the full force of the vested interests of the media to get things done.

Unfortunately, this topic - having been inflamed by the media - is becoming hard to escape. At the water cooler, in the pub, at the Enema Clinic (well, you have to make your own fun as the nights draw in), Brossgate/Manuelgate (Wait until Graeme Garden becomes embroiled in a similar scandal) is everywhere.

The only person that comes out of this with any credibility is Andrew Sachs himself. Once the names of Max Clifford, Kelvin McKenzie and Schillings Solicitors are in the mash, we know that there's more than trouble brewing.

When Diana died, there was a bikers' pub in Birkenhead that had a Diana-free on the day of the funeral. Anyone mentioning the D word was fined or barred. Sounds good.

So, stop it. Move on. We need to protect the BBC and not allow the Daily Mail's wreckless driving of the issue to continue. But, let's call it a day on the two people involved. And that includes YOU, Eric.