Nosferatu and Super Creeps

As part of Liverpool's Free Thinking Festival, I am due to go to hear the Rev. Ian Paisley tomorrow night. I noticed on the ticket that the BBC make you agree to being recorded or photographed for their own purposes, but that you cannot use any photographic equipment yourself. Might have something to say about that.

Last night we were treated to Nosferatu on the big screen albeit in bitter weather conditions.

I wanted tickets to see Tony Benn, Will Self and Trevor Phillips but they were all taken. Given the numbers left for Paisley, it shows his time of ire has long past. However, as many others have said, the Brossgate saga continues as indignant shouters of all credos have their say.

Anyhow, some photos. Must get a better camera capable of night-time shots.

I think my arachnophobia is getting better. I rescued an eight-legged monster from the urinals in the White Star.

Enjoyed Nosferatu, but not half as scary as the influence Max Clifford has over the media.