Here Comes The Sun: It's Not Alright!

Islamic Doll Part III

Right. The Sun Readers have spoken. I will use short. Sentences. For.Them.
Liverpool's favourite paper (for US viewers this is sarcasm and apologies for the superfluous 'u')
takes up the lead on this world-important story. Forget the credit crunch, climate change, the US election and Tranmere losing to Millwall - the big issue is this:

  • MY Sun users are having a doll dilemma as they debate whether Fisher-Price Mattel's Islamic doll should be shelved.

  • MY Sun's news forum has been a hive of activity with users in a state of shock following the news that the doll is also available in toyshops across the UK.
State of shock? Have they banned tits on page 3? Has Jon Gaunt professed a love for ballet? Has Carlsberg been forced to shelve plans to give away its gnat's piss lager (again)?
No, Sun literati members are up in arms over the threat of Islamic indoctrination through the Trojan Doll. What do the sane and rational have to say?
  • Dutch user Lisolette says: "I think this is a very scary development. What do these parents do?

    "Do they play the doll while their kids are asleep?"

Lisolette could speak no English until she bought a subliminal learn-to-speak-crap cassette from the Eindhoven Institute of the Gullible. Unfortunately, there are side effects and she has now started smoking and providing motivational help to bus passengers.
  • MelissaFinlan from Birmingham is convinced that if the doll uttered Christian messages it would be banned in the UK.

    "Of course this doll should be removed from all shops!

    "If we, in England, are being forbidden from displaying our own flag at times in case of causing offence, why should this be any different?'

That would be Birmingham, England not alabama then. Where the City Council had a British flag flying last time I visited. Obviously, there are no dolls available for Christians but even if they aren't banned, this one should be. Well done Mel. Now have a lie down before your brain explodes onto the M6.
  • "It should be removed," says Casadro from Liverpool.
I think Casadro should try waving his copy of the Hillsborough Liars' rag in a local pub.

To be fair, there were a lot of people on the Owasso site disagreeing with the bans, but looks like the madness is spreading.

Let's leave the final words to Elvis,
  • She's just a shabby doll
    She's putting him off and putting you on
    She's just the shabby doll
    You're swearing upon you know in your heart
    She's gone you know in your heart
    She's just a shabby doll

    There's a girl in this dress
    There's always a girl in distress
    She's just a shabby doll
    She's so sure she's self-possessed

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