The BNP Pantomime: Oh Yes They Are

While leader of the BNP Griffin is enjoying a sojourn in Prague, his deputy, Darby is busy blogging about his exploits and having a go at Trevor Phillips (but at least putting some distance between him and the Mail, if not some of its more volatile readers). What was interesting was that he has a comment from one of the real BNP followers, one Duggan. Now, no blogger is expected to agree 100% with commenters or to be responsible for any witless points made, but I think it speaks volumes that Darby, like The Mail with the Littlejohn column and the majority of stories, only allows comments in broad support of the original piece of writing.

Comments are subject to vetting by Mr. D, so we may assume he has no problem with this:

  • I watched Phillips being interviewed by Krishnan Gurumurthy on Channel Four News this evening. It beggars belief that they were discussing whether, essentially, English people ("white" was their term) should be afforded privileges in England. Two foreigners discussing my rights to my own country. Not due to "equality", as they call it, just as a sop, during a recession, to assuage their fear of the rise of the BNP, not that they would even name their nemesis.
Duggan 21:48 28th October 2008

That would be Krishnan Guru-Murthy, born 1970 in Liverpool and Trevor Phillips, born in London in 1953. Of course, this ties in with the BNP's oft-used quote from the Duke of Wellington about a dog being born in a stable not being a horse.

As I said in September, this is part of official BNP mantra as seen in their attempts to repudiate the accusation that they are a racist party here (at section viii). I make no apologies for repeating this.

Last year when the exact phrase appeared in a comment on the Daily Mail site, a complaint was made and to their credit they immediately removed the offending item and indicated that the moderator was upset at mistakenly allowing it through; another example of the frantic attempts at kiss chase between the Mail and BNP.