ITV Muck Spreading

Gardener-cum-novelist-cum-chef-cum-travel guru-cum-chat show doyen, Alan Titchmarsh had some interesting guests on his show on Tuesday. (I shudder to think about the type of google search terms that sentence will drive here, !).

According to eyebrow cultivator and erstwhile BNP deputy, Simon 'Two Wardrobes' Darby, he was a guest on the show together with loudmouth moron, Jon Gaunt of The Sun. Apparently, Diane Abbot, whilst willing to play footsie with Portillo, is not ready or able to share a sofa with the Indigenenous Ignoramus.

So, it would seem, ITV try to have a debate on the Gurkhas with two right-wing shits, albeit that Gaunt, like Littlejohn, churns out similar populist bile, but distances himself from the BNP. Given Gaunty's debating skill (or lack of it), this smacks of a publicity coup for a party trying to distance itself from its image of Holocaust deniers and skull-breakers. Whilst Barnbrook is largely a figure of fun, Darby is more articulate and an astute media player.

The programme is not yet available on watch again facility so I'll wait before making a full post.

What has been particularly galling is the way the right-wing and especially the BNP have used the Gurkha issue to claim the moral high ground. Although successive Governments have let them down, Labour should be ashamed at letting this own goal in.

As can be seen (just) in the screenshot of ITV's site, Alan celebrates the best of British.......and honours those who contribute to their communities and help make our nation a better place.

Gaunty and the BNP: best of British!
Two of the quotes are from John Gaunt, the other two are by Richard Barnbrook and Nick Griffin.


Anton Vowl said...

Two racist pricks plus that cream bun HRT pin-up Titchmarsh, talking about why the Gurkhas are good wogs rather than bad wogs? Jesus wept. Whatever happened to light afternoon telly? It's a fucked-up world where a shit like Gaunt is touted as the voice of balance.

eric the fish said...

Rumour has it they're both to appear in Miss Hoolie's nursery in Balamory to discuss whether there should be so much multi-culturism on the island and so many different coloured houses.

Another Gaunt classic - this time attacking the BBC for having Griffin on:
"Putting on somebody like that knuckle-dragger. I don't really understand the point."

"The BBC probably put him on to make out again that all white working class people are fascists."

As you say hardly a balanced mind.