Bärental Rights

In the award-winning 'Cooke Retort', Councillor Tiggiwinkle took me to task about speed cameras.

The BNP supporter may now be researching into whether cameras played a part in the death of Joerg Haider, the Austrian leader of the Future Party.

The BBC report as follows:

  • Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider was driving at twice the speed limit when he died in a crash early on Saturday, court officials have said.

    Mr Haider, 58, was travelling alone at 142km/h (88mph) in a 70km/h zone when his Volkswagen Phaeton V6 crashed.

    The accident occurred south of Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia, where he was the provincial governor.

    He was leader of the Alliance for Austria's Future, and was known for his anti-immigration and anti-EU policies.

    Mr Haider had crashed shortly after leaving a nightclub.

  • In 1991, his term as governor of the province of Carinthia was interrupted, after he made comments praising employment policies of Nazi Germany.

t's a bit unfair having another go at Cllr Chris but it gets people looking at his RTA of a site and he comes here to trade handbags. The possible rise of the right-wing parties across Europe is a very real threat given the economic circumstances. What of the BNP's greatest monobrow? What sayeth Brother Simon 'Two Wardrobes' Darby?

This is a good indicator of the real BNP. They claim to be a non-racist party, just looking after the indigenous population oppressed by the minorities. They don suits instead of black shirts, but the underlying message is the same.

Like 'Nick' Griffin of the BNP, Haider sought to distance himself from more controversial beliefs.

Notwithstanding that his mother and father had been Nazis and that land had been acquired by his uncle from Jews at a knockdown price, he joined nationalist organisations from an early stage, in much the same way as Nasty Nick inherited some of his political beliefs from his father, ex-Tory, Edgar.

Griffin has still not comprehensively retracted his comments about the Holocaust and Haider leaves behind a smokescreen over his past views on Nazi concentration camps and German employment methods. As the BBC reported in 2000,
  • His first stint as governor in 1989 ended abruptly when he praised the employment policies of Nazi Germany and was forced to resign.

    A few years later, he described World War II concentration camps as "punishment camps" and said the Nazi SS was "a part of the German army which should be honoured".
Cllr Cooke may be a lightweight in the BNP stakes - he still claims to be independent - but he has been superseded by a proper badge-carrying councillor in the West Midlands: Russ 'I did put an opinion poll on this site i thought it would be a bit of fun but some people can't even be trusted to take part in somthing as simple as that, a supporter or supporters of the Labour Party, found a way to cheat, labour had almost 600 votes so far this month, my site had recieved just over 300 hits so far this month, it seems cheats will always cheat. ' Green of Tipton.

We had a jolly time at the Preston Citizen, where he attempted to justify a smear campaign leaflet and refused to apologise for the use by BNP member Tony Bamber of a picture of Rachel Whitear despite protests from the dead girl's parents.

The BNP will use any tragedy to further their cause. Haider's death is only a tragedy in the sense that his work will continue and the economic crash brings far more capital for the Right than Haider's Downfall.