Gazza Stripped Bare

Our friend Gary Aronsson, star of previous episodes such as this and that has made the pages of the Observer and even the News of The World.
Fortunately for Gaz, the Murdoch press get a bit of a kicking in his backyard so there may not be many people pointing at him in the street (I'm sure that's a regular occurrence anyway judging by his distinctive visage); look Jean, there's that racist with the birth mark resembling Himmler)*

* This is just my opinion; it could just as easily be satan or an eagle.

Finally, today's Independent covers the visit by Griffin to the place of Anthony Walker's murder and makes the sweeping and factually incorrect assertion that the people do not consider it a racist killing.


Lee John Barnes, the rationally sane 'legal adviser' to the BNP has this to say on his blog:

  • Ha ha ha it looks like the morons from the NEWS OF THE SCREWS are online.

Yes, Lee, bash that keyboard with your paws and keep that Caps Lock button on. It's so effective. It's great that despite Herr Griffin's dictat to stop posting racist and nonsensical stuff on their personal blogs, one man stands in the middle of the road and cries out 'I've got a Law degree; I don't need sectioning, just you wait until the lizard men arrive.'

Matchstick Cats and W*gs

Quick post on 2 matters I wish to consider fully tomorrow. There was a radio debate across BBC NW stations tonight (Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cumbria). All of the major parties were invited plus UKIP, The Greens and the Odious BNP.

Labour invoked its policy of not sharing a platform but was still unwilling to send a rep when a compromise whereby Griffin was to be interviewed in a separate studio (and city!). I think Labour may have scored an own goal here. The other main parties made it clear they would not sit in the same studio but acceded to the compromise.

It is a tricky area but I've always been unhappy with the No Platform policy as there are legal constraints and issues here. It can be a double-edged sword (as indeed arguing with them). I tend to favour tackling them head on. It is not debating as it is not possible to do so, but it is important that martyrdom is not achieved from denying them Thatcher's oxygen of publicity.

In brief, the Liberal Democrat rep came across well. In fairness, the Tory also played a straight bat (her 'I love Margaret Thatcher' comment notwithstanding - word to the wise, not too popular here.) Green candidate was given a short time via the phone to engage. Was not as effective as he had been a couple of weeks ago on local radio. Just an initial feeling.

The UKIP guy appeared shallow and shouty (and quite honestly wading in too deep). At one time he sailed close to BNP waters (great nautical cliches tonight).

Griffin was grilled by interviewer Roger Phillips and a certain drunken nark from Wirral. He squirmed on the ropes as usual, trotting out his glib 'we've changed' mantra though he did let slip a couple of naughties. More later - as the title may hint.

I'll have a listen again tomorrow or at the weekend if it's available on Listen Again (Late Night Live - Friday 10pm-12). Maybe we could do an animated version as with yesterday's silly Buck House escapade. It'll be the must have DVD this Xmas I promise.

Secondly, Nasty Nick is asking for more money. I don't know why he keeps asking me! Anyway, apparently he's brought in - wait for it -

Professional Legal Team brought in to defend YOUR rights

That's why I, at a huge expense, have retained the best professional legal services available, but I need to raise the cash to keep them working for us, especially in the final run up to polling day.

Yet, as Billy Brit's father says,

As I write to you our Customer Care Centre is being crushed under the storm of thousands upon thousands of incoming calls everyday!

So, they're not ALL pledging money, huh?

Marlene Off The Wall

By concentrating on who was standing for the odious BNP in the NW, I'd forgotten about the fact that in South Yorkshire, Marlene Guest is a candidate. She was the batty woman featured in the documentary BNP Wives. Martin Wingfield (the NW number 2) waxes lyrically about her performance on the programme:

  • THE three ladies featured in Sky One’s BNP Wives last night were a credit to the British National Party and the hour long programme certainly helped promote the BNP to a public who are becoming increasingly more interested in finding out more about the Party.
  • My favourite clip was Marlene dealing with that weasel-like interviewer at the end of the programme when he wanted to talk about Nick Griffin and his Race Act prosecutions and her views on the Second World War.
As Lancaster Unity points out, she has raised the hackles of Jewish leaders by claiming that 'dentistry and plastic surgery' were positives to come out of the genocide.

Here's Marlene in glorious colour:

Cometh the hour, cometh the MEN

The Manchester Evening Newscarried a front page headlined The Truth about the BNP. This has worried Herr Griffin and in his latest missive to the flock he is urging members and supporters of the odious BNP to write to advertisers at the MEN. Interesting tactic. Can't think where he might have got this idea from!

Griffin moans,

  • One particularly pernicious nest of lying Marxist media vermin resides at the Manchester Evening News which has been running a campaign of unbridled hatred against the BNP. Daily they spew forth a conveyor belt of poison attempting to mislead voters ahead of D-Day June 4th 2009.
So what does Griffin feel about the newspaper?
  • The latest anti-BNP pack of lies from the Manchester Evening Lies proudly boasts of a desire to interfere in the electoral process by printing anti-BNP nonsense.
  • The media knows only one answer to the inexorable rise of the British National Party: lies, slander, smears, deception and character assassination.
In the article the MEN allude to the following:

1. The extremist right-wing group, which only allows white people to join..

2. Party leader Nick Griffin claims that black and Asian Britons - including heroes like boxing star Amir Khan, football legend Rio Ferdinand and Victoria Cross winning soldier Johnson Beharry - 'do not exist'.

3. Griffin is a former leader of the National Front who was given a suspended jail sentence in 1998 for distributing material likely to incite racial hatred. He has previously described the Holocaust, in which Hitler's Nazis killed six million Jews, as 'Allied wartime propaganda'.

4. In its manifesto for the 2005 general election, the BNP made clear it would create 'firm' incentives for 'immigrants and their descendents' to leave Britain.

5. The party's constitution includes in its 'political objectives' the aim of creating an 'overwhelmingly' white country, by changing the law as well as 'negotiation and consent'.

If Griffin feels that the MEN is conducting such a campaign, he should put some of the £5,000 which was just resting in his account towards suing the paper. Careful now.

Herr Griffin and Her Madge

Bandwagon. See. Me. Jump. Funny though. See better @ Flying Rodent and 5CC

Oh and have a look at the Billy Brit parody by Tim - BILLY BRIT

The original Billy was a Youth BNP muppet which espoused crap poetry (ending with such classics as 'Shakespeare was white'). alongside Arthur Kemp's revisionist histories, this is what the odious BNP want your children (and our children's children, and our ch....)to be taught.

'This Could Be Rotterdam or Anywhere, Liverpool Or Rome'

Don't mention the match! But I am from Barcelona, Mr Fawlty!
Anyway, by way of a tenuous link to the Beautiful South song in the title, I present yesterday's historic visit of the MV Rotterdam to Liverpool. Our first transatlantic cruise ship for over 40 years.

BNP: Turkey Lies

Simon ' Eyebrow' Darby is adamant.

  • The demand by the Muslim country of Turkey for the withdrawal of British National Party leaflets objecting to that nation’s inclusion into the European Union is proof that the BNP’s position on the matter is correct, Nick Griffin has said.
If ever you needed proof of the ignorance and bigotry of the BNP, then here it is.

Apparently, the BNP site is having hiccups. Pity. I'm all in favour of them showing themselves to be the racists they are. That is why BNP command told the lowly fascists and candidates to ditch their accounts.

I 'ate You Butler

As we know, the odious BNP is worried that some of its followers and candidates might let the fascist cat out of the bag. Eddy 'I hate You' Butler told the (storm) troopers that the mean old press and TV would seek to use propaganda to undermine their Goebbels....I mean foibles.

  • “Our recommendation is that all responsible officers, councillors and candidates, particularly those more in the public eye, should immediately shut down their Facebook accounts and any unmoderated blogs for the remainder of this election campaign. The risk of being set up by the oppositions’ dirty tricks departments are so great that it is not worth the risk of leaving ourselves exposed to these attacks,” he said.
In spite (and that really does sum up the BNP) of these commandments from upon high, the BNP people can't help themselves.

Merseyside BNP, (now retitled as Merseyside and Liverpool Nationalists for some obscure reason) having received words of wisdom from Eddy Butler (who sounds like a very bad '70s character) told its followers:
  • Taking this good advise (sic) I will not be making any more posts on any matter until June 5Th. Many apologies to our readers but this is in the best interests of my, our party the British National Party.
That didn't stop regular poster homovulgaris making the follwing post about Simon Hughes of the LibDems:
and to ensure people don't think he's a mentally-challenged bigot, he posted this gem:
  • TREASON SPEAKS! (Again about Simon Hughes)
The fact remains that even if you employ Barbara Woodhouse to train the dogs of war, the shit will still end up on Buckingham Palace's lawn.

Jefferson Airhead

Interesting to see Clive Jefferson, the BNP Regional Organiser in the North-West, distancing himself from Euro candidate Fat Eddy O'Sullivan's Facebook tirade - "Wogs go home Gurkhas very welcome" - whilst not mentioning his own views. Guardian report.

As he said on his own blog, Cumbrian Patriots, he was surprised to see the winner of the Blue Peter competition to find a child to represent us at the handover ceremony at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Her name is Tayyiba Dudhwala, which may give a clue as to what Clive of Copeland really thinks:

  • The above "celebration of British culture" is simply the perfect showcase of Politically Correct distortion and the ultimate epitome of media conditioning that I think I have had the misfortune to whiteness and the British tax payer payed 2 million pounds for the privilege.
Note the Freudian slip of 'whiteness' instead of 'witness'. Is this the best they have?

Making Asses of Themselves

Simon 'Eyebrow Farmer' Darby is furrowing. He says on his blog, "journalists desperate for BNP smears are trawling through social networking sites frantically trying to find anything at all that might enable them to employ their favourite "R" word."

Even The Daily Mail has nailed Fat Eddy for his drunken Facebook antics although the comments support the party and anyone criticising him is voted down. The Mail must be so proud of its symbiotic relationship with fascism.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Gary Aronsson's Facebook page is no longer accessible to us mere mortals. Nothing to hide, Gary?

So by way of recompense here are some delicacies from BNP members and groups on Youtube (sometimes referred to as Jewtube by fascists). Griffin let the cat out of the bag earlier by urging supporters not to make threats or racist remarks in emails so it is not surprising to see the type of people BNP bigots consider friends.

I'm reminded of the Aesop fable, 'The Ass and his Purchaser'.

  • A man who wanted to buy an Ass went to market, and, coming across a likely-looking beast, arranged with the owner that he should be allowed to take him home on trial to see what he was like. When he reached home, he put him into his stable along with the other asses. The newcomer took a look round, and immediately went and chose a place next to the laziest and greediest beast in the stable. When the master saw this he put a halter on him at once, and led him off and handed him over to his owner again. The latter was a good deal surprised to seem him back so soon, and said, "Why, do you mean to say you have tested him already?" "I don't want to put him through any more tests," replied the other. "I could see what sort of beast he is from the companion he chose for himself."
The moral, of course, is that you can tell a lot about a man's character by the company he keeps.
As I've said before, we all have a few weird friends; it is the sheer number of BNP nutters that is so illuminating. So let's go on a journey and see what floats the BNP u-boat.


Their Youtube account has a blue and red liver bird with the names of such local luminaries as Peter Stafford, Peter Tierney, and some others not called Peter.

1. bluetoffeeman - another Pete (Molloy). Nothing remarkable but he does have an avatar with Liverpool: British Isles in one city alluding to the actual motto of 'World Within One City', which gives an indication of what really drives this medal-wearing ex-Fathers For Justice wingnut.

2. robisnotdeadyet - likes football hooligan movies

3. peppermintjohn666 - now we're getting interesting. He is deputy leader of the Integralist Party. yes, that's what I thought! Apparently it's a new movement and has a symbol indicative of Oswald Moseley's British Union of Fascists. As Benjamin Noyles (for this is his peppermintness himself) says:
  • "As the designer of the party symbol and flag I thought it best to properly explain its significance and why I chose to design it the way I did. Though the symbol is clearly a modern adaptation of the BUF’s ‘action within unity’, it was still envisioned to properly represent the ideals of the party. It must be understood that no other symbol could be chosen for the rebirth of a political movement whose youthful endeavour we march in the tradition of."
4. Enochpowell2008 - "Is my daughter going to have to wear a hijab and is my son going to be forced to pray five times a day???" The choice is BNP or Islam.

5. Mingchingboy - Has a video entitled 'Fags Get Beat in Russia' (which is of a demonstration by Peter Tatchell and gay rights activists)

6. BNPmuscle - says his previous account was taken down"because
I stood up for white British people.
Muscle has a friend Aryanpower18 with Hitler pictures and Nazi mates.

7. Tancredthecrusader - claims to be a Solicitor but has this rocket to throw at Charles Darwin: "Why am i not a Evolutionist? Well do you seriously believe Human beings evolved from rocks and fruits?"

8. panzermatt "...i also have a strong interest in the greatest army the world has ever seen the wehrmacht" "IM NOT A NAZI! I'm right wing like jorg haider in Austria " but has a motto of the SS "Meine ehre heisst treue"9. enemyislam (kalshnikov? avatar) - has name and address of an alleged terrorist on his site (Berlin) and says " go pay this Albanian a visit"

10. englishinfidel - has toilet paper with arabic writing and a Keep Britain Tidy logo with an Islamic crescent and star being put in bin.

11. jb196988 - white pride world wide with the ubiquitous '88' 'Heil Hitler' reference.

12. 14whitelady88 (above) - 14 words "We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children."
David Lane R.I.P member of Nazi Nation group,(naziforever), White National Socialist Alliance, NS Alliance and Colin Jordan RIP (UK neo-nazi died April 2009 after stealing red knickers in 1975)

13. myterrain (serbia) has a list of 'people who should die slowly and painfully with their entire families':

The Clittons (sic)
George Mustafa Bush
Gerhard Turd Schroeder
Thomas De Waal
Mattew Bryza
Mikhail Gorbachev
The bombers of Serbia

14. mutterundkind (mother & child)
Nazi propaganda poster avatar

15. newtimekillscritics - Austrian scenes - video of Uncle Adolph and the Sexy Nazi Girls - The good old days

16. Headhunter500 who lists Muslim Killer as his occupation.

Among the scary and sad there's also time for the Liverpool brethren to add other BNP groups as friends:


1. Fourth Reich14
Swastika - race nation victory
White race shall prevail 14/88 (the 14 words od David Lane and Heil Hitler)

A number of friends such as 14racistguy, USAsearchjewwatch, 14whitenationalist have had their accounts suspended.

2. nsaryan14 - (and nsaryan1) - extreme right-wing rock music such as Skrewdriver and Final Solution video.

3. 1488bcb - video - more kosher pigs and their Political Correctness and the Ann Frank hoax

Links to Stormfront and (as you do)

one8ah - more dog whistle use of numbers 14 and 88.Picture of black woman on a £1 note! with Islamic flag!

wyattkaldenberg - Odinism (if not Onanism) practitioner.


1. aryanpower18 -

2. Britishwarlord - Friend of German neo-Nazi party, NPD."Here is my British National Socialist Manifesto. Probably about 14 years 6 weeks old!

The Royal family will be liquidated, they will probably be shot no wait, they will be hung.I will put an end to all Immigration to the UK, I will tell all non native British to leave the Islands, if they dont then they will be liquidated. They will be liquidated into a tasty nutritious drinks!!! thats right they will liquified into a tasty protein rich meal for the alsations and guards dogs in our armed forces, im sure they will gulp it down with such joy.

The Union Flag will be changed to the swatstika intead."


1. aryanpower18 -

2. Lastwhiteman14 - "IMMIGRATION is just a euphemism for invasion."
Video of Hitler - a man against time

3. Smokinghotaryan - "Race mixing is disgusting and just plain wrong. How can anyone do it with blacks? Yuck! It's like being with an animal and the children born suffer needlessly as they're nothing but useless mutts and a burden on society. This can be avoided if they're put out of their misery immediately and aborted within the first 6 weeks."

She also wants you to support a petition for Bishop Williamson who said ""there had not been Jews killed by Germans in gas chambers".

Also likes baking cakes and James Blunt!


There is a lot more to come..........unless they take the pages down as ordered by Herr Griffin. Still, the Prnt Scrn button is magic.




Stop Being Racist For a Bit

From the Merseyside BNP and via anon:

Although the BNP’s determined exposure of the lies and fabrications published in The Sun and the Mirror have effectively destroyed those papers’ credibility, this party will still be subjected to the most vicious and underhanded attacks possible in the run-up to June 4Th, national organiser Eddy Butler has warned.

“As the election campaign hots up, our opponents will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to try and discredit the British National Party,” Mr Butler said. “The latest ploy is to post offensive material on Facebook accounts or blogs that are associated with our members, and then try and use these entries to smear the party by association.

“Our recommendation is that all responsible officers, councillors and candidates, particularly those more in the public eye, should immediately shut down their Facebook accounts and any unmoderated blogs for the remainder of this election campaign. The risk of being set up by the oppositions’ dirty tricks departments are so great that it is not worth the risk of leaving ourselves exposed to these attacks,” he said.



Gary 'Totenkopf' Aronsson's Facebook account is no longer accessible but there are still some interesting Youtube accounts.

I Am The Chapman

So here's a confession. I spent the day after Election 1992 in a daze. an election my party had seemed likely to win was taken away from us at the last moment. History - and indeed Kinnock's record - shows us that our optimism was without foundation.

I sauntered into a club in Birkenhead (when I say club I don't mean it was playing the latest scousehouse or required paying 3 times the going rate for a bottle of Sol with lime) and there, propped against the bar was the sitting ('cos standing may have been a problem) member for Wirral South. He could have been a mirror of myself; we both looked miserable and we both wanted to get drunk.

He told me that he never wanted to be an MP for this long - he was a solicitor - (when he was elected in the tsunami of '79 he thought that this would be a one-term gig. Boundary changes gave him a built-in majority) - and he drank. He looked less happy than this Labour activist but he was willing to fund my next fix.

We do not know what he claimed from his tenure as MP but I remember his reaction to my accusation that he was the real mercenary for having 2 jobs (he had used the term against fighters for workers' rights in the town). He was appalled;he was a Solicitor, he earned a little from his firm but wasn't well paid, he spluttered. He may well have been right.

Porter was not a good MP. He wasn't seen in the less affluent areas of the consituency even though his law firm had an office bearing his name in New Ferry. He was seen as a drunked, philanderer and a person not deserving of the privilege of being a representative.

When the flags of '97 appeared on lawns and front yards of the Wirral when a by-election was called, it was a joyous time; politics was back on the menu and professional pub bores and apathetic moaners asked for directions to the polling station.

We bit our lips at the imposition of a candidate (the original candidate dropped out due to allegations of domestic violence by his previous partner) but we rallied behind someone who had just joined the fight.

Chapman has his friends; Frank Field is in a similar position. Good constituency MPs is the call as the public note their local work, which in many cases, is carried out by amateur councillors and volunteers (wait for the next expose against council expenses in papers not paying taxes).

Bob Piper has already covered this but I have to make clear here that one of the reasons I left the Labour Party was the increasing centralisation of candidate selection. The other main reason I could not bring myself to devote time to the drudgery of local activism was the fact that a small cadre could control matters and dithering, unthinking members were unwilling to oppose.

A couple of weeks ago - in a setting many miles from this place - I met an old adversary (a Militant Tendency bod) and I found we had so much in common these days, although I still remain convinced that the Mili were in need of eviction. We both felt disenfranchised. And there's the rub. Locals who would knock on doors during the Thatcher years are feeling hard done by; BNP racists are buzzing as they no longer need armour to shove their shit through working-class letterboxes.

Chapman has done the right thing. Will Labour do the right thing and allow local parties to select candidates?

A lot has been said about US style Primaries. I'd rather see the right to a recall.

In 1980 a man named Chapman took away my flawed genius. Nearly thirty years later, a man who was helping to give another flawed movement a chance, is helping to take us away.

The Wirral Way

It's all happening in Wirral.

We have the Tory's favourite, Frank Field (Birkenhead) touted as the next speaker of the House, Ben Chapman (Wirral South) embroiled in a mortgage interest claim, a Labour councillor defecting to the Tories, an ex-Tory councillor announcing he wants to be the next Martin Bell, and Wirral West Tory candidate Esther ' I used to be on telly' McVey's stunning performance on the Terry Christian show. Either she was inhaling too much of the Green Room hospitality or she was tired or just a bit crap at debating. It's a bit quiet on the Wallasey (Angela Eagle) front at the moment though.

BNP: British Jobs For Italian Workers

Thanks to sterling work by Tim @ Bloggerheads et al, the BNP leaflet fiasco has made the pages of the sleaze-busting Daily Telegraph, noting that the 'British' pensioners are in fact Italian and that the istock photo agency licence has been breached. Tim has an email from the company on his updated post.

Many of you will remember a previous leaflet cock-up when Mark 'Young Nazi and Proud' Collett forgot to use an official imprint on his messages of hate. This is a similar blunder, but one wonders if the fineries of electoral law escape not only the incompetents of the BNP but those considering voting for these clowns.

The BNP is also courting more immigrant votes as it asks members on holiday on the Costas to give out leaflets to ex-pats who still think Ted Heath is running the country. I think their copies of yesterday's Daily Mail should do the trick, chaps.

Become A Benite

A thoughtful video from the right-of-centre site (Tim Montgomerie of conservative Home) which was referred to in his article in The Telegraph. As phone-ins get bogged down with the expenses row, the truth about the BNP may get sidelined.

I'm not totally happy about having to bang such a negative anti-BNP drum but the main parties have not given us much positive ammunition and their failure to address certain issues is too late to put right before June 4th.

It may be better to hope for a surge in Green Party support. We've had some of the leaflets (UKIP, Green, LibDem and BNP) but not the two giants. Obviously, our postman has not followed the lead of colleagues in Sheffield and Brighton. Postmen may have a job to do, but shoving shit through letterboxes (a BNP favourite) is not part of that.

Hillsborough 1989 Remembered

I had the good fortune to attend the Hillsborough Memorial Match at Anfield on 14th May.

I will update this piece with some more pictures later but here is one of John Aldridge.

Never forget.

England's record scorer, Aldo, narrowly misses

Guardian: Dumbing Down?

Apparently there was a power cut. Not like we had in the 70s when Denis Healey wasn't taxing us until the pips...well you get the idea.

James Robinson electrifies (groan) with this:

  • Digital TV viewers were unable to watch GMTV for nearly two hours today following a power failure close to the ITV1 breakfast broadcaster's London studios.
Now, this may be a boon to many people but mock ye not:
  • Weather presenter Clare Nasir did her first update on the sofa with wet hair because the hairdryers in dressing rooms had no power.
Next time you can't pay the gas bill, yearn for a more enlightened solution to the Palestinian problem, think of Clare...with her wet hair...deedle-e-dum.

Given the recent obsession with tabloid crap, one wonders what the criteria are for prospective scribes on this once great journal.

The Links Effect

Just as I was feeling smug for being able to get round O'Leary's money-making scams on Ryanair by printing off my ticket etc. whilst parking my carbon footprint everywhere, the buggers have bitten back and will now charge £5 for the privilege.

The Daily Mash has an update on the sanity of Mr O'Leary here.

On a Lighter Note

It takes a train to cry but this Flickr collection made me laugh. Let's have more. People of Leeds your lives depend on them.

The Girlfriend Wanted Note is particularly poignant.

Watch the birdie but no blackbirds

Some time ago I reported that I spotted one of my photos from Flickr in a number of shops in the area advertising an event I had no problem with. To be truthful, I had a little ego trip and so wasn't too bothered about copyright issues or being asked.

Via Tim @ Bloggerheads is the story @ Newspeak of the BNP using stock image photos on their election leaflets.

I'm not claiming that the BNP is alone in doing this, but my only experience of producing a party political leaflet involved using party supporters from the local area (next to the ubiquitous councillor-pointing-to-the-problem-while-looking-at-the-camera shot) rather than photogenic pensioners and happy families.

It's perhaps natural to use 'better looking' people. Are we not mesmerized by beauty and more likely to buy Claudia Schiffer's perfume than Eau de John Prescott? (This doesn't explain people initially purchasing Jade Goody's stink juice). As one commenter noted, it could be the Susan Boyle factor.

I've often wondered about some of the attractive young girls used on the BNP's own site indicating how to pay money to Griffin and get signed copies of Rudolph Hess pictures. They have BNP logos crudely photoshopped onto their chests. I've known staunch socialists who were members of the Young Conservatives because apparently there was a better standard of...well, you get the picture.

Stock photos are usually available royalty free so the people selling their own images are essentially selling their souls without receiving any blues guitar ability. However, you wouldn't be very happy if you find that - along with ads for Choco Dog Food and Farteze Constipation Jelly, you have the embarrassment of championing a political party that has such a poor propaganda ministry.

The interesting aspect of this is that the same tactic is used at The Daily Mail to obtain its photos of 'typical' subjects. Higher taxes? Picture of nice, middle class family. Immigration? Stock photo of Sangatte.

Nicholas Griffin: Not a Racist Party

I think I've mentioned before that episode of Father Ted, where Ted invites the Craggy Island folk to a slideshow where subliminal 'NOT A RACIST' messages are flashed. The leader of the BNP appeared with Nicky Campbell on the Radio 5 Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning as uponnothing points out on the Herr Griffin post.

I've listened to it via the 7 day repeat facility on the Five Live site (Tuesday - about 2 hours 35 in)- although it was a bit difficult due to connection details) and managed to produce a basic transcript of some of the conversation. It is not verbatim but I have not added anything and have attempted to keep to the crux of the encounter. If anyone finds any errors feel free to correct. It's difficult to listen to Griffin sometimes as even with decent headphones he tends to slur some words. (and even more difficult to type this as Man Utd take the lead)

Anyway, Campbell - in a very calm manner - would not let Griffin off the hook on some of the central issues whilst the BNP man tried to shift the debate away from the past and on to the Euro elections.

  • CAMPBELL - Yesterday...Nigel Farage described your party as a racist party.

    GRIFFIN - We're not racist ....we're not sleazy like UKIP so leave Mr Farage to yesterday..
  • C- When you said recently had a leaflet...that black Britons and Asian Britons didn't exist, could you explain that to our listeners?

    G - What we're saying is this: of course civicly black people, who've been born here, pay taxes, get on with our society...civicly they're British, got a British passport, the right to play in our football teams...
    But 'British' also has an ethnic meaning in that you are English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and you cannot change ethnicity. We have no hostility to them - we're just pointing out...
    just if I moved to the West Indies I wouldn't become Jamaican....
    they're not English

    C - So Rio Ferdinand, David James, Theo Walcott, although they play for England they're not actually English?

    G - Of course they're not - they're Afro-Caribbean...and often very proud of that and very much entitled to be and likewise the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish are separate ethnicity...our ancestors have been on these isles since since the last Ice Age. We are the indigenous people of these islands and that needs to be recognised.

    C...some of us have been here a lot more recently...100 gets ridiculous. What about mixed race people?
  • G- Mixed race are a (sinful/simple?) part of their society and it's not the job of any political party to tell people who they cannot fall in love with.

    Every time I'm on Radio5 I've had to fend off these silly race obsessed questions. I think your listeners want to hear about policies for the Euro elections.

    If one of my daughters came home with a black man I'd be as disappointed as many black people or Sikhs would be if their daughter came home with my son.
    I think each of our cultures are unique and lovely and should be preserved. Mixing us together in some American style melting pot is way of destroying human diversity which is a bad thing.

    C - Camp - it comes onto your policies...very important as this feeds into your policies. Repatriation is a central plank. In your manual ....manifesto - you talk of lawful, humane and voluntary repatriation of resident foreigners. How does that work?
  • G - It works as it exists now... there is a policy now of the Home Office since 1972 to find members of ethnic minorities, those who want to return to lands of their ethnic origin as
    Britain is the most overcrowded in the world...but it's not a major plank of the manifesto. We're talking European elections the issue here..the EU expansion into Turkey, like the fact we can't have British jobs for British workers while the EU control borders.... controls economic policy.

    Camp - What is your policy on the Gurkhas?

  • GRIFFIN : We've been more lenient than Labour. It's ironic that the Gurkhas are one of the foreign ethnic groups that have done the very most throughout our history for Britain and they seem to be ones most discriminated against. Any elderly war veteran Gurkha who's sick and needs medical treatment should be allowed in with their family for as long as they're alive. We don't think Britain, the most overcrowded in Europe can say you can all come and all your relatives.That's another 100,00 people. One in five homeless are ex- servicemen and until we look after and house those we shouldn't be looking to have a lot more people in. Key thing with the Gurkhas is when they signed up frankly as mercenaries they expected a pension which in those days would allow them to live really well in their country. Because of economic development in Nepal, British Army pension isn't now enough...far cheaper and better for us to increase your pension rather than coming to overcrowded Britain.

    C- Armed Forced Day - pictures on your website are all white soldiers...

    G - they get a raw deal. In Birmingham wounded soldiers have to pay to watch TV....sent into an unwinnable war in Afghanistan.. need to bring home.
  • C - The Pope said yesterday that the suffering of Holocaust victims must never be denied. What do you think of that given that you once wrote book 'Holohoax'?

    G - I've said some very rude things in the past that I regret about the way in which the Holocaust has been used and abused by gentile leftists to stop and stifle any proper debate on immigration, but there's no question about the Holocaust happening .....just as there no question of Armenians murdered by Turks, people in Eastern Europe murdered by communists, who are ideologically close to where the old Labour Party used to lie and we don't have that about the Labour Party every time banging on about genocide.
    Genocide is something that happened in the last century and really that's where it should be left.

    C - But if any party leader had written an article Holocaust:Holohaux and you have said things about it in the past it would come back to haunt them. Have you changed your mind on that or genuinely ...altered your opinion because it's not popular?

    G - There is BBC bias 'cos don't have Labour MPs on ..being asked about communist support

  • C - yes I do

  • - I'm always delighted to do of my great interests is what people said in the past.

  • GRIFFIN - as regards what I've said in the past... the crazy thing is that I can't tell you what I used to believe because you and I could be hauled off to Germany or France and thrown into prison. Similarly I can't even tell you why I've changed my mind.....

  • C -Have you changed your mind?

  • GRIFFIN- I've genuinely changed my mind. One of the key things is the question of numbers 'cos when I was at school we were told 4 million were murdered at Auschwitz, now told 1 million so there's a 3 million gap. The reason I changed my opinion whether that says there was a massive holocaust or not was radio transcripts of German military broadcasts intercepted by the Brit... only released a few years ago which show clearly them machine gunning up to a million Jews on the eastern front in retaliation for partisan attacks on German troops so I have changed. I never denied the Holocaust.
bit more to come.......and tidy up......and comment.

Jilted Jordan

As the BBC was showing the ridiculous, unfounded claims by BNP Chairman Griffin, that council politicians (sic) were threatening people with eviction for voting BNP, it had a marvellous indicator of how it has been losing its right to be considered a serious broadcaster. Scrolling along the bottom was the shocker 'Katie Price and Peter Andre to separate'.

Overcome with emotion, I looked for confirmation that this was all some strange dream; that Jordan was just playing a late April Fool on us all. But no! It seemed to be true. Katie's own (pink) website issued a statement briefer than one of her skirts she uses for getting out of cars.

However, there was some good news for those people basing their life on their idol. Price is down and so are prices. By 'prices' I mean costs in the same way as knickers are down at TJ Hughes during sales.

KP/Jordan tells fans:

  • Taking into account the current financial situation everybody is experiencing, I have decided to stop providing annual memberships in order to provide a more affordable option for my members.

    Until now monthly memberships have cost £3.00 per month. I have decided to reduce this to just £2.00 per month, which I hope you'll agree is great value.

If any members are passing through here, I'd like to know what they intend to do with their extra £1. My advice is invest it in a non-Icelandic bank somewhere so that you'll be able to afford the special editions of Closer/OK/Paps and Baps magazine covering their forthcoming reconciliation and beach reaffirming of vows.

Assuming Kerry doesn't get there first.

Two, three, four......Jordan is a .......

Of course, anyone who manages such a career is hardly that, but an astute businesswoman.

More BNP Truth Problems

Head over to Adam B @ Tory Troll for the latest on Richard's Barnbrook's investigation by City Hall and his local council for his claim in a video taken by Simon 'Eyebrow Farmer' Darby for Barnbrook's excruciating blog in the Daily Telegraph (where in the absence of Route 66, I sometimes get my kicks), that there had been murders in Barking and Dagenham when he knew that this was untrue.

In short, Barnbrook, having known his statement to be untrue may face a 6 month ban. A sign of what we may expect if these vermin (thanks in no small part to the failures of the main three parties) manage some seats. Still, A career in crime fiction awaits Dicky.

The report (which can be found as a pdf at Tory Troll), concludes:

  • ...we find that Mr Barnbrook has failed to comply with the Code of Conduct of both the GLA and the LBBD, by bringing his office and the respective
    authorities into disrepute.
I still worry about the amount of publicity given to the BNP. Are they being treated with too much respect with the result that - like Ryanair - all publicity is good for flights to Europe?

Or have they taken us by surprise? Rather like those appalling, bizarre Eurovision entries we laughed at until the voting system and hostility to the big boys connived to spit in our face?

So Where's The Evidence, Herr Griffin?

At yesterday's BNP launch of their European Election Manifesto, Griffin was given a few minutes on BBC News 24 to announce a barking mad allegation. The BBC seemed to cut away as soon as they realised the potential problems in what hatemonger Griffin was to spout.

" Pensioners in sheltered housing...and tenants of housing associations are told by council politicians, Labour supporting politicians that if they dare to vote BNP they will lose their homes. This disgraceful threat is used against literally hundreds of thousands of ordinary decent people every single election...."

So, any evidence BNP chaps?

The video can be seen over at Simon Darby's blog as they swell with pride at further coverage without being pinned down. This follows the decision not to air a documentary on the right-wing links of BNP members until after the election and the relatively soft grillings given to the party recently.

This blog will seek to highlight the real BNP at all times.

I feel an Aesop's Fable coming on...

Cup Fever

Sometimes you couldn't make it up, as Florida's Richard Littlejohn is wont to fart. When 5CC suggested (on a lamentable Telegraph blog) that the BNP may try to make political capital out of the swine flu issue, he didn't actually think that Richard Barnbrook would attract this attention from the Daily Mirror:

  • The BNP has been accused of using the flu to push its far-right views.

    It is calling for half-hour medicals on foreigners arriving in Britain with "coughs or sneezes", schools to shut for two weeks and councils to turn off air-conditioning.

    The alarming measures to tackle swine flu were suggested by BNP London Assembly member Richard

    Barnbrook, 48, who claimed the illness could come from "the countries of Africa", not Mexico.

Is this why Barnbrook has been hiding during the European Election campaign?

I went to see the FA Cup yesterday. Just to check it was OK as it stopped sending me Xmas cards years ago when Tranmere stopped being the giant killers. The technology was impressive as the photographer had (I assume) an infrared storage card enabling the picture to be printed off via a nearby computer almost instantaneously. So kudos to the professional snapper whose pic shows my effort to be so poor (Defence Counsel rises: I had to take it quickly so as not to alienate those in the queue.).

Anyway Eric (Amelie type star of many pics) managed to show his Tranny and Hertha Berlin badges to the world. A grown man taking photos with his teddy most were thinking.

One word of criticism to Radio Merseyside and National Express who sponsored this - if you're going to put up flags of footie teams on Merseyside, remember that there is a third one on Merseyside. We may never win the FA Cup but we do like to enter it every year.

BNP: Aronsson's Reduction

Totenkopf Insignia - SS Division
Below: BNP man Aronsson's Facebook picture.

Quel surprise, Herr Aronsson has seen the need to amend his Facebook pages to exclude some of the notables mentioned in the last post. Oh, but I didn't realise that the swastika was seen as offensive these days, you can hear him cry. They'll be banning the much-loved golliwog badge next.

Of course, Mr Aronsson continues to use the prosaic words 'Speak English or Die' on a black skull for his picture. Nice.

So, given that you do come here via your BNP worker ants, the question remains: why would you accept such people on Facebook and what do those 'friends' now excluded think of you now?

More screenshots before history was altered:

Michael Stevens (now removed from Aronsson's friends) is an interesting character. His avatar has a figure in KKK garb putting a Star of David into a waste bin. What kind of person seeking to represent us at Europe, willingly affirms the friendship of such a person until found out?

Remaining on the list is Sporting Kicks with an avatar saying 'Sporting Kicks - Hooligan Shop. This ties in with Stevens' page which lists a Chelsea Headhunter as a friend.
EDIT: Did find that it does sell 'Hooligan' gear though has a disclaimer. Has Chelsea Headhunters, West Ham ICF, Birmingham Zulus, and Liverpool -we hate Mancs badges.

Schermer Stunner remains too. He has a pretty avatar (himself?) and lists Cannibal Corpse as one of his fave films.

Patrick Sessler - member of Front National in Belgium. In 2006 its leader was convicted for the incitement of hatred, discrimination and segregation in the party's flyers and website. He rates Le Pen, Jorg Haider (the late Austrian Fascist who described Nazi concentration camps as 'punishment camps') and himself as political heroes!

Stacy Killbourne - has friends who have avatars of Hitler and Chelsea Headhunters (football hooligans) and her own one has the insignia used by Stormfront set up by KKK man.

Phil Kimberly - who has a BNP motif with elements of the letters highlighted to make it read NF.

Wolfgang Meister - who rates Sarah Palin and the right to bear arms (in line with BNP policy)

Nico Klier - has a picture of some fetching bovver boots and has a mate called Aryan Insurgent.

Guilt by association? We all have friends, family and acquaintances different from us - supporters of Liverpool, Everton (even my friend Jon the Manc - who will be in Rome: Come on Barca!), vote Tory, Green or Monster Raving Party, like drum n' bass instead of The Beatles, worshippers and agnostics. As Python teaches us, 'Yes, we are ALL different!'

We have to ask questions, though, when a prospective MEP (fortunately only number 8 choice) has so many dodgy friends. The Jam sang 'you've made your bed, you'd better lie in it' but some of us prefer a nice quilt to Tracy Emin's.

UPDATE: 5.30 pm

Tremendous thanks to Johnnyhead @ No Sleep Til Brooklands for uploading a screenshot of by far the worst friend of Gazza. Dave Anderson (Manchester) is single and waiting for lurrve. (see comments below)

Anderson lists his activities as National Socialism, White Power activism and enjoys reading Mein Kampf. His religion is 'creativity' (sic) and he says his favourite quotations are: JUDEN RAUS! and NEGER RAUS!

As you will see from the comments (on the previous post) 5CC has noted the similarity between his skull avatar and that used by the Totenkopf, a division of the Waffen-SS, made up largely of concentration camp
guards. Of course, I'm sure that this is just an unhappy coincidence!

The Real Face of the BNP

It's getting to be like The Guardian here with all these posts on the odious BNP. Still, at least I've resisted the temptation to compose several articles on how Jade Goody's death told us something about ourselves. Anyway, this is quite interesting on the 'by their friends ye shall know them' level.

We all know Nicholas Griffin is the lead candidate for the BNP in the North West Region; but what of his lieutenants further down the list?

His number two (stop sniggering at the back) is Martin Wingfield (more of whom at a later date), Steve Greenhalgh of the Liverpool clan (stop it!) is next at P3 but the one often overlooked is little Gary Aronsson (if this translates as son of Aryan in norse it wouldn't shock me).

Gazza's got a Facebook and he never sleeps at night.

So what kind of friends has Gary. Well, his list of friends - unlike some other BNP bods - is open to the public domain (for now) and aside from BNP chums he has some strange acquaintances for a member of a party that says it has changed and is no longer the Holocaust-denying, racist thug group it once was.

If you click on the screenshots (I'll upload more later) you'll see that whilst it may not be unusual to expect Number 8 to have Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and Peter Quiggins as friends, some others are a bit dodgy:

1. Denis Law (?) who has an avatar of a Guinness sign with SKINHEAD on it.

2. Rhys Lewis whose pic has a German eagle and swastika

3. Alberto TomasLillo Martinez who also favours a Nazi flag replete with swastika and masked skinheads.

4. Ahs Stefanescu who favours the extremist metal band of Frei Sozial National

5. Michael Stevens who has a hooded KKK picture

6. Jason Stiles who has a German cross and swastika

7. Falange Gottlieb (German for God love the Falange, Spanish Fascists in the 1930s)

8. Mark Collett - BNP Hitler lover.

See for yourself at until it gets pulled.

Alice in Mail Land

I like Dr Alice Roberts. If she told me that the world wasn't round, I'd join the Flat Earth Society pronto. She is best known for appearances on Coast and has is now presenting 'The Incredible Human Journey' on BBC2. The series looks at how our ancestors left Africa and came to colonise Europe about 40,000 years ago.

As part of the research for the series, the Beeb has commissioned forensic scientists to create a model of what our ancestors amy have looked like. As the picture shows, this will come as a big shock to the BNP and Daily Mail racists.

Although there is no concrete proof that this was his skin colour, it is more likely than not. Of course, the BNP will claim this is political correctness gone mad! Let the heartache begin:

  • total rubbish....

Staffordshire bull?

British Pages

Those people who have been cynical about the British Pages should hang their heads in shame. For the BNP-supporting site has gone from strength to strength (discounting the loss of the NW businesses and poor spelling). The BP (no 'N') has sent this missive to email followers:

  • After a promising start the site as virtually come to a stand still so here we are asking for a little bit of help from our members. We have posted on several social networking sites already and are in the process of approaching blog owners who helped us last time, so its all part of a recruitment drive. We need you to try and enlist at least one business to register with British Pages. To make things easier for you we have put together a small package as a small incentive to any prospective business.

    If a business or tradesman registering with British Pages doesn,t have a website for their company their missing out on 1000s of potential customers so we have put this package together to help them out. Their own website with an home page an about us page and a contact us page where their customers can order, place reservations or just make general enquires, this also comes with their company name web address this package isn,t free but for the price it might as well be at �2 25p ! a month, Search the web you won,t find an offer like it, there's no contract pay on a month by month basis and no need to divulged your details as all transations are via pay pal who do not reveal our details We maintain the site submit it to search engines and make any updates required, All they need to do is provide us with the relevant information and any photos you would like including and we do the rest, If you ever fancied having a go at selling online we,ll even provide you with and online store upto 5 items with their own private paypal or google check out just for another quid,if your interested register on and message admin and don,t forget to tell your friends,
I won't even mention the grammar. Yes, business peeps everywhere, get you're three website and have many transations.

You may also like to take advantage of the site's many bargains. Aside from the golliwog badges and book by transvestite, Dr. Vernon Coleman, they also have a tome by convicted fraudster Ashley Mote MEP. By their friends we shall know them.