Twit To Woo

I feel a sense of pride at Tony Woodley's act at the Labour party Conference. Many moons ago I made a speech there and I would love to have ripped up the Murdoch trash paper. Unfortunately, New Labour sought to woo those tabloids 'wot won it', believing that myth of amateur psephologists and soaring off to sidle up to Middle England and the Daily Mail. This is an ongoing romance notwithstanding its unrequited love.

Hate Mail

There were two interesting but disturbing crimes covered by Crimewatch on BBC 1 tonight; a harrowing and horrific sexual assault on a pregnant woman and a plea for information on a poison pen writer.

The first offence is covered by the Mail as Heavily Pregnant Woman Raped... and the BBC video is here.

The suspects appear to be black and/or Asian. Whilst most of the comments are predictably - and perhaps understandably angry at this despicable act; some demanding capital punishment - others take the opportunity to blame Gordon Brown, the police and to make the usual childish grunts about prison holiday camps. Then there is the sizeable section that picks up on the description of the alleged perpetrators:


David Cameron - get us out of Europe, get rid of the human rights law, bring back corporal and capital punishment, bring back National Service, get rid of immigration and make our prisons something to be feared, not the luxury 5 star hotels they have become. If you could promise us this, you would win the next election with a landslide victory.

- Cathy, Watford, England, 29/9/2009 12:21

* alk about a breakdown in society, harsh penalties and if possible deportation to where ever they came from. Home grown's should have longer sentences to compensate.

- lionel Clarke, macclesfield, Cheshire,

it just couldn't get any worse.... can it???? what are the police doing? diversity training no doubt and hugging these criminal filth in case they are prosecuted..

- Wilcox, Hereford, 29/9/2009 10:38

Na, no need in convictions, just execute them all there and then.

- Chris, North East, 29/9/2009 11:02

Somebody remind me of the benefits of mass immigration,because i cannot think of any.

- Chris, Edinburgh,U.K, 29/9/2009 14:29

There are even more rapes in countries ruled by sharia law mohammed as you very well know, only men are included more often among the victims in those countries than they are here. And women there do not bother to report the rapes because they would be killed by their families for adultery

- sandy, outer space - thank God!,

Well Europe opened the door to other many far away countries, not enough with dealing with crime of their own. Now also has to deal with crime of other outside.
In a few years we won't be able to walk outside the house, not even indoors. Close the borders please if you want crime to go down 80 per cent. And please who is opposite to this comment, whether is an ignorant or are these people themselves. Think many years ago crime wasn't that but and why? Think.
Well, I forgot to mention that also crime of people of our own country is related to the government so nice on benefits (and law). So getting rid of giving away benefit and closing the borders, crime will be down, a lot!

- Peter, London, 29/9/2009 12:17

A database of all DNA Paul is all well and good but if these are illegal immigrants how would you go about getting their DNA? We need to pull out of Europe repeal the 1951 human rights act. Then deal with these people without fear of their human rights being violated. A vote on the re introduction of capital and corporal punishment would be a start.

- Colonel Mustard, Oldham England,
Soon all that will be left of the UK will be immigrants, criminals and those too lazy to get off their backsides and work. Not a great future and it's nearly too late!

- Louise, France, 29/9/2009 16:28

These kind of crimes were unheard of thirty years ago.

What's different now ? We all know, but we're not allowed to say in case someone gets offended.

- up to our necks in Brown, suffolk, which used to be in England, 29/9/2009 14:04
this is what Britain is becoming - THIRD WORLD with Third World crime. This can only get worse and will get worse until we address mass immigration. We also need to get A LOT tougher on crime, we should re-introduce capital punishment and chemical castration for these types of crimes. Only ONE party that I know off that would do this.

- Nick, Brackley, 29/9/2009 14:2
he only way I can see of stopping this type of crime is to deport the WHOLE FAMILY. Even if the culprits have been born here, by committing crime they have violated our codes and thus shouldn't be allowed to stay under any circumstances. It may even be self policiing by the families as they won't want to be deported.

- mosey, yeovil, 29/9/2009 13:28
What if they are illegal immigrants Paul. Do you think they would drop in and say take my DNA before I vanish in the crowd?. There are that many immigrants here that there is no chance of a 100% database.But like most who want the DNA database you have not thought it out.

- Pat, UK not EU, 29/9/2009 11:53

The government should offer £100.000 to all brits who want to emigrate, that would free up more space for illegal immigrants. Labour might win the next election, get everybody who is left in britain on welfare then its all sorted.

- david, yorkshire, 29/9/2009 13:37

One has to ask ones self whether this has been kept from the public to promote the myth of racial harmony. If the Police circulate horrific crimes like this and give out a description stating their ethnic group people gasp and say this is not good for race relations. When will someone get it into their head that we do not have racial harmony we have fragmented ethnic sections. The only thing we do not have yet is the Northern Island sectarian walls.

- Michael, Birmingham, 29/9/2009 14:01
This happens several times a day in THIS country. it's just not reported.

- AA, Herts, 29/9/2009 13:50
Also why is it always, or certainly seems to be, black or Asian perpertrators.
Muggings, rapes etc, it always seems to be the same, where is mindless yobbery seems to be the province of white scumbags.

- C Johnston, Indonesian expat, 29/9/2009

Phew! had enough yet? Great to see the usual assortment of ex-pats moaning about immigrants, and barking mad legal experts.

So, why is this important? Well, let's go on to the second story covered by Crimewatch but not by the Mail. Over to the Guardian:

  • Police are hunting an elderly letter writer responsible for sending more than 50 racially abusive letters to people across the country, including the prime minister.

    The letters, some sexually explicit in content, have been sent to schools, hospitals, mosques, universities, doctors' surgeries and private individuals, leaving some recipients "extremely distressed".

  • Clippings from the Daily Mail have been included in many envelopes, which often also include cartoon drawings.
  • According to Hampshire police, which is heading the investigation, the letters are all pro-English in content and racially inflammatory, with many appearing to have been sent in response to Daily Mail articles. All the letters are offensive and racist against a wide variety of nationalities and cultures.

Beep Beep and Beep Beep Yeah

The number of uninsured drivers on the UK's roads has been a concern for many years. I once knew someone who had driven for 41 years without a licence or insurance. He managed to evade detection simply because he was a competent - and more crucially - a lucky driver. He was only found out when another, negligent driver collided with him.

I'm not sure but I'd hazrd a guess that he paid road tax as this needs to be displayed lest Lovely Rita or her equivalent spots this oversight.

Therefore, whilst the Motor Insurers' Bureaux trumpets the fact that there are more convictions now, the simple solution seems to be to have a similar system whereby your insurance has tobe shown in your vehicle. Unworkable? Not cost effective? Perhaps I'm just naive on a subject I know little. Favourite car? Oh, probably a red one.

Barnbrook Sanctions

Just a brief post. richard barnbrook, BNP councillor for Barking and Dagenham and member of the GLA had the charge of bringing the councils into disrepute upheld by the Standards Committee.

Sanctions imposed by the separate bodies are:

1. GLA

a) Councillor Barnbrook censured

b) B to submit written apology including an apology and correction on the internet (on GLA site and own blog)

c) B to undertake ethics training

2. Barking and Dagenham

a) Suspension for 1 month (i.e. October)

b) Repeat apology on blog (or suspension will be extended)

c) No access to council facilities or expenses during suspension

Barnbrook will (apparently) appeal.

Coming To Take You Away

Marcus Cahill @ The Cavern

There are times when I need a break from reading racist filth and appalling journalism. The other day I booked myself on the Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool. I often see the bus trundling around town and many tourists have been on it but not me. It's that on-your-own-doorstep syndrome. We fly thousands of miles and take in the sights in the guide book and muse over local artifacts in the museums, but neglect our own cultural hotspots. For instance I once visited a Picasso exhibition in Weimar but didn't see some of his works when exhibited in Wirral.

So having visited the homes of Mozart (Salzburg), Beethoven (Bonn) and Nana Mouskouri (Ok I lied about that one but the first two weren't in when I turned up), I thought it right to see my lifetime heroes' patch. It's easy to get blase about The Beatles and Liverpool; even easier for some to sneer at nostalgia, but for me they are an integral part of this area. I was seven when I acquired a parental mono 45 copy of She Loves You/I'll Get You and played it to death. It still resonates now in super enhanced remastered stereo

The MMT begins at the Albert Dock and costs £13.95 (to rise to £14.95 in October 09). It seems to be more popular than ever and so booking in advance may be advisable. There are 2 tours per day at weekends. Further details can be found by clicking here.


The tour, on a replica of the coach in the film, visits the following places we remember:
  • Forthlin Road (McCartney's childhood home)
  • Menlove Avenue (Lennon's middle-class home)
  • The Empress Pub (On cover of Ringo's Sentimental Journey)
  • Strawberry Field
  • Penny Lane
  • Arnold Grove (Harrison's birthplace)
  • St. Peter's Church, Woolton
  • Sefton Park
  • Queens Drive (Epstein family home)
  • Liverpool City Centre
  • The Cavern, Mathew Street
Beatles fans will be aware of the historical significance of most of the places so there's no need for me to go over this.

The tour mentions a few other places of note and our guide, Neil (not Buster Bloodvessel) was so informative that even a Beatle anorak like me may have learned a thing or two. For one and three quarter hours our charabanc trundled around the outskirts of Liverpool, with almost every turning delivering a Beatle fact or link (if a little tenuous at times).

One particular anecdote involving matters of an intimate nature reminding me of the parochial adventures of the guide in Little Britain ('and it was behind that hedge that my charming wife Edna permitted me oral pleasure' type of thing).

The coach was mostly full but my pre-journey pint of Greene King IPA at the Pump House (the Baltic Fleet was closed) meant I joined the back of the queue. Being one of the few Britons on the bus - and almost certainly the only local - there is no excuse for taking a seat on the right-hand side. Blimey, man you do know we drive on the left so ipso Beatle facto, most of the sites of note will be on that side. Suffice to say this handicapped my happy snapping.

Now, this error of judgement would not be so severe if the coach stopped more. Unfortunately, there are only two scheduled leg-stretching opportunities - at George's Wavertree birthplace and at Paul's National Trust owned childhood home.

A separate tour can be booked for access to thoe homes of John and Paul and perhaps an alternative would be the taxi tour (£45 for 5 - see below).

We pulled up to Strawberry Field's freshly painted red gates but not for long; the road is long and winding, but also narrow. Similarly, we only glimpsed snatches of the Church Hall of St Peter's, where it all began, and didn't stop to imbibe at the isolated Empress.

Still, the tourists were able to peruse their newly purchased souvenir map (£3) and take in the break-neck patter of our guide, who, having starred in a Beatles film himself, only managed to plug this about six times.

One aspect of the tour was remarkable; to me at any rate. My cynical side might have thought that the children of Childwall to be bored stiff of seeing the coach passing as they left school. They still waved with enthusiasm (and not with the finger salutes the tabloids would make you expect) and perhaps this gives us an indication why we were recently voted 4th most friendliest in Europe. London, Manchester, Paris, who are yer?

The audio system crackled at times as Neil gave way to Fab classics. Was this a deliberate part of the 1967 experience, or have they not yet invested in the new remasters? No matter, the party of Beatlemaniacs - ranging in age from about 14 to about 60 - were busy singing or mouthing the words though. From Lonnie Donegan's skiffle through Dr Robert to I've Got A Feeling as we entered Lime Street. Anyone who hasn't mimed 'Everybody had a wet dream' in the company of strangers has never lived.

The brotherhood and sisterhood of man then embarked to take the compulsory snaps of John's Mathew Street statue and the new AHDN hotel, before earning a drink (Guinness £3) in The Cavern and a free postcard. Other recommendations would be The Grapes further down the road and (better for beer) The White Star round the corner. Both have good Beatles connections.

A Lennon tribute act then finished off the day with distinctive nasal style.

Speaking to one visitor (hello Gabriella from me to you) who had travelled solo from Spain, it was clear that a splendid time was guaranteed for all.


(As most were taken from the coach past people, please forgive. Promise to get better ones soon)

Let me take you down(stairs)

Wall of Fame (Gary Glitter and Jonathon King removed!)


"And the banker never wears a mac.."

20 Forthlin Road (Macca's abode)

20 Forthlin Road

"And that's an invitation..."

Menlove Avenue

Strawberry Field
12 Arnold Grove

"In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs"

"Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout
A pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray"

Another Migrant Health Scare

I often refer to the fact that The Daily Mail is the paper of choice for the odious BNP and that despite both lovers seeking to distance themselves from each other, there certainly is a symbiotic relationship. Both the mail and the express are currently engaged in a competition to ensure their scary immigrant front pages find their way into BNP literature [(c)A.Vowl] and yesterday Simon Darby linked to Littlejohn's latest piece of crap.

However, today does see the BNP breaking away from the the Associated Newspaper bondage gear. In a story about the NHS - based on a BBC radio programme no less - the Mail is content to publish an article merely having a dig at NHS standards and young medics in general.

Of course, the NHS does not keep records of such cases - presumably due to the difficulty in defining what is a diagnosis. My own mother was given Tamiflu not so long ago and it became clear that she may not have had the dreaded swine flu after all. That is just a non-medical opinion so how could that be verified?

The figures preceding the journalistic trick of using quote marks are based on research from a body called NPSA which,
  • runs a database that records medical errors, patient incidents, mistakes in medical notes and near-misses on a voluntary basis.

    Between April 2008 and March 2009 there were 39,500 reports of incidents involving clinical assessment.

Quite how this figure of reported cases adds up to one in six (or about 16%) is unclear. Normally a study would involve using a set number of randomly selected patients and finding a figure from that. Again, how is misdiagnosis quantified? Many legal cases involving NHS negligence claims are settled without any finding or admission of liability (often for financial expediency reasons but there you go).

The story then refers to a 'similar' study in the USA (with its 'similar' health service no doubt) reaching a figure of 15% and other research concluding with 10%. So let's just pick the higher figure eh?

The article then quotes Professor Graham Neale, of the Centre for Patient Safety and Service Quality at Imperial College London, who has been researching misdiagnosis for the past four years and wants to see improvements to medical training.

Again, not clear whether he is anything to do with any of the studies or just a convenient rentaquote. Wanting to see improvements is natural but where's the beef.

I didn't set out to pick apart the Mail article itself but it does raise questions and maybe someone like Ben Goldacre will/has covered this in detail.

Allowing for the issues raised above, I thought something was missing from the tone of the piece.

So, over to our friend at the BNP bunker. They noted the story and also managed to find a way of completing the jigsaw with that funny looking piece that doesn't seem to fit anywhere unless to stretch it and cut off a few edges.

The Relegation Will Be Televised

Went to watch the Davis Cup defeat to Poland today. Although andy murray won in straight sets, our number 2 (who is 302 in world rankings) could not prevent Team GB's relegation. next year we will be playing such tennis luminaries as the Isle of Man and St. Aloysius Under 13s.

Some pictures. Not good as we were up in the sky and indoor lighting is a bit difficult with this slow lens.

Slippy The Snake

Reading yesterday's Giardian in The Baltic Fleet, I was taken by the nostalgia caused by the inclusion of a Whizzer and Chips comic from 1978. I was getting this around that time so probably would have bought this at the time from the pongy woman's shop (See, even the word 'pongy' evokes balloon-capture memories).

On page 2 of the edition, we have an amazing offer of lifetime membership of the Funlines Joke Club for 60p. For that princely sum (the comic itself is 8p) readers would rceive a diploma (a bit like the GCSEs nowadays - ooh there'll be letters), and a super club badge.

The club is meant for people who 'like playing jokes on school mates, chums, Mums and Dads, even Teacher'. This probably does not involve the downloading of the Terrorist's Handbook, writing fantasy essays on Columbine or making videos of explosions.

The lifetime membership bit is interesting. Is this what Nick Griffin envisages when offering this for gold-plated Nutzies? A bit more than 60p though. Fewer jokes (unless you count Richard Barnbrook) but just as slimy as Sid's Snake.

Off to the Davis Cup tomorrow. A bit disconcrting to see all those union jacks and BNP (Paribas) adverts on the sides. Must plan my smuggling of food and drink in advance.

MS Deutschland in Liverpool

MS Deutschland

Baltic Fleet

The White Star

Roll up...

Amazing Grace

Old Fire Station training tower

Liverpool's famous name-dropping lawyer parks outside his offices.

MS Deutschland

Ground Control to Major Dumb

Over at the Mailwatch forums there is a regular feature about Mail readers taking harmless non-political stories to make an hilarious comment about the Government. Today's beaut comes from space cadet Martin.

In the story concerning the discovery of a planet that could contain life blah blah blah, there cometh a giant leap from a man if not a giant leap for mankind:

  • Sorry but we've already found non human simple organic organisms.

    Gordon Brown
    Hattie Hatemenperson
    John Prescott
    Geoff Who
    The Millipede sisters

    However, we haven't found anything intelligent amongst them.

If you know Martin feel free to point at him in the street and don't worry about calling him Martian either. He'll appreciate the puerile nature.

Heil Bulldog

As news breaks that Disney is to remake Yellow Submarine, let's return to Pepperland. I think we all know who the new Blue Meanies are.

Simple Simon and Dennis The Menace

On 3rd September 2009, the BNP website had this to say about the English Defence League:

  • The British National Party has declared the “English Defence League” a proscribed organisation and it will be a disciplinary offence for any party member to be involved with that group.
  • “The British National Party does not wish to be associated with the English Defence League in any way whatsoever.” Mr Butler’s circular ended with a request for any party official who becomes aware of any member who breaks this rule to report such incidents to
So, maybe someone will report Deputy Leader and Euro-funded officer worker for having a dreaded EDL sympathiser as one of his Facebook friends, Dennis Phillips, the EDL T shirt wearer.

Same old BNP lies. Why the media falls for this I do not know.

Daily Mail Fantasy Comments League: Late Results

There's been some action over at the Associated Newspapers Ground where the following shock result has reached us:



Quite remarkable Brian, but not entirely unexpected.

I Love Google Ads Irony

English Defence League: The Real Face (Updated)

Further to my post about the use of charities and good causes by the far Right, I have received an email from Help 4 Heroes. They say they will look into it.

In the meantime, as with our BNP members, the EDL recruits have interesting friends.

Take Trevor Kelway, the main point of contact for the media. On Facebook he has the following mates:

  • Frank Atack who like BNP member Gary Aronsson likes his SS insignia. Whereas Gazza plumped for the Totenkopf (3rd Division), Frank opts for the 2nd division, Das Reich as his avatar. One of Frank's friends also has a Waffen SS picture. Frank stood for the BNP in Dewsbury in 2007 and is in a folk band, Red Claire with other BNP members.
  • Ian Sayers who has a Sunderland Vote BNP avatar
  • Sean Barry who goes for an Ulster red Hand 'No Surrender'
  • Roger Phillips (Wales BNP) who proudly shows a picture taken with Nick Griffin
  • Paul Tranter who has a charming bulldog with a superimposed union flag. Tranter himself includes local Liverpool BNP activist Peter Stafford Jr, BNP councillor and drink driver, Bob Bailey and a man with Adolf Hitler as an avatar.
  • Wewantour countryback who has a 'No Surrender' UK Casuals United avatar, this being a right-wing group of football hooligans.
  • Dave Brennan - friends with Liverpool BNP. Indeed, this brings us full circle as many of the allies of LiverpoolBNP are the same as those for the EDL, including SS devotee Frank Atack
I could go on and it may seem boring to constantly bang on about these people but I think it is important. Pete Molloy of Liverpool BNP is a well-known figure on Merseyside. He is the weird chap who seems to wear his medals at any given opportunity (despite Royal British Legion disdain for connecting them to political activity). Perhaps he sleeps with them too.

Now Pete, as I've said before, has some interesting friends himself. Perhaps the most disturbing is the vile character that is Chris 'Scoobsta' Hardy of Leicester. This BNP member stood for the party in the local council elections and is a regular contributor to the BNP site. Strange then that Hardy should choose as his avatar, the logo of the British Freedom Fighters. This pseudo-paramilitary gang has some amazing (if not very literate) views:

  • BFF - Our recent history evolves around full on street action, we started the BFF after a split with the ASF, allthough I started the ASF,, I didn't want to be associated with some of the committee for there actions which was dishonourable, a few felt the same way and followed me, hence the BFF was formed, and also because at the time we wasn't aware that other groups was our way of thinking, I started the BFF, but as such I don't see myself as the leader, we kind of all work together, we have divisions were there is a person who people go to for ops, I suppose a organizer would be a good word, our plans for the future is to take our streets back, and inspire other groups to join in, we will be looking at venturing further abroad, and want full on unity with other groups and orgs, that are our way of thinking, and want the same thing.

Now, I know that's difficult to decipher and not the greatest advert for the supremacy of the white indigenous people, but it gives a clear indication of what type of person is countenanced within BNP ranks despite Griffin's assertions that they have no truck with extremists. Indeed, Griffin claims that the EDL is a proscribed organization but the evidence shows this to be a sham.

  • RVF (Racial Volunteer Force)- Would you say that you are a nationalist socialist organisation?
  • BFF - Indeed I do, we don't live in the past of Hitler, but we do live by the principles of what he started, it is proven the only political ideology that put into practice actually works, works for our kin, our race, other ideals like communism, has proven to be very destructive, and has never worked.

Some eye-opening names there. 'Achtung Totalt Aryan Propagand', and the usual Nazi and paramilitary and insignia. Note that Emma Colgate, a BNP councillor and leading light in the BNP Euro office is also a friend of Hardy.

Perhaps these are the things Griffin should be tackled on when he goes on Question Time rather than the old favourites, which he is now becoming adept at returning with spin.

Much debate will go on about how to tackle this vermin. I'm not convinced mine is the appropriate way but I do think it is clear that the 'no platform' policy is outdated in its original form. Strong arguments have been made as to the danger of legitimising the BNP through debate (and the QT format is a tired one these days).

I felt that labour missed a trick during the Euro debate in the North-West by boycotting it, whilst the others merely refused to sit in the same studio as Griffin. In that debate - in which Griffin was questioned but not involved directly - Chris Davies MEP came over very well for the Lib Dems. He has indicated that he would be willing to take Griffin on.

Maybe one problem is that like all the pre-election stories, the BNP will feast on publicity whether they are afforded special treatment or not.

BNP Question Time

In April 2009 Nick Griffin was quoted by the BBC as saying,

  • "The BNP manual, leaked to the anti-fascist group Searchlight and seen by the BBC, says that "BNP activists and writers should never refer to 'black Britons' or 'Asian Britons' etc, for the simple reason that such persons do not exist".
So, it probably comes as a surprise to our little Neanderthals that the BNP is now considering having an ethnicity monitoring form for members. This form - produced in the light of the EHRC case - has the following sub-groups:
  • Asian or Asian British
  • Black or black British
  • Gypsy/Romany/Traveller
Smoke and mirrors? Maybe it really is question time for BNP members.

When I Get Older...

After our poor start to the season, John Barnes has intimated that he would be prepared to play youngsters in the team; following our great victory in the Masters last night, the old guard would be best suited to helping the cause. Ian Muir, thank you.

The Ride of The Valkyries

I mentioned the odious BNP's attempts to align itself to the Royal British Legion in an earlier post.

The Times reports that a veterans' charity has accepted money from the BNP. This has been a difficult decision for the organization and indeed it was not originally known that the BNP had its murky fingers on the notes.

The BNP-linked English Defence League, which caused mayhem in Birmingham city centre for the second time, at the weekend, is also seeking to hitch a ride on good causes. Although the Help 4 Heroes charity is somewhat tainted by its support from The Sun, its reputation is in danger of being tarnished by an association with these football hooligan Nazis.

The EDL is selling 'No Surrender' shirts on eBay with a percentage of the proceeds going to H4H.

As I've said before, all charities are under pressure, but there comes a time when principles dictate that blood money cannot be accepted.

Anyone concerned about this development may wish to register a comment on the H4H website.
I am of the view that original letters rather than pro forma templates hold more weight.

The H4H website is here.

A Platform For The BNP

There will be intense debate over whether Nick Griffin should be invited on to Question Time. The 'No Platform' policy seems to have outlived its purpose; argument should be as to whether the BBC's contrived format will benefit Griffin or his opponents.

In the meantime, here is a good platform for the BNP.

Pass The Cyanide

After our 3-0 defeat at Carlisle, only one of my five horses winning and Wetherspoons running out of Rev. James, I was cheered up by this from Stinky Ponky:

  • BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin has sent all members of his party a cyanide capsule to use as the European Allies close on his bunker.
The whole story (in a Daily mash style) is here.

From Twitter (@ericthefishking)

Savage: Pride of Lyin'

I chanced upon a racing fanatic's biro-stained Daily Mirror today and journeyed to the football pages to laugh at Chelsea. I came across a column by famous diplomat Robbie Savage of Derby County.

Says St. Robbie of Wrexham Central,

  • ...the sight of Nathan Tyson waving a Forest corner flag in front of our supporters while other Forest officials cavorted around could have caused a riot.
Of course, he hasn't always been such a beacon of virtue, particularly with his new fans at Derby:
  • In his first season for Leicester, in the final minute of a league game between rivals Leicester and Derby at Pride Park, Savage dived in the penalty area. Leicester were awarded the penalty, which was converted, and meant they won the game 3-2. Savage's blatant dive, his hopeful look at the referee and his aggressive fist-pumping celebration in front of the home fans resulted in a torrent of abuse from the fans and in Savage being chased across the pitch by incensed Derby players...(Wiki)
As another Mirror columnist, Brian Reade pointed out earlier this year,
  • Further proof that when God was handing out brains, Savage was laying a cable in the referee’s changing room.
Oh, Robbie, another thing. I haven't forgiven you for being part of the Leicester side that defeated Tranmere in the League Cup Final.

You Couldn't Dick It Up

Ever since I invented Twitter I knew it would be worthwhile. Here is something that I would have read before the intervention of Twitter but is worthy of a heads up. Richard Littlejohn totally called out - LITTLEJOHN: WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY

Well done, Macguffin at Tabloidwatch.

Essentially, Littlejohn used an announcement in The Times about quins born to someone named 'Pong' to have a Jim Davidsonesque jeer at funny names and single parents. Some commenters on the story pointed out the poor research the highly paid bigot carries out before splurging, but unfortunately, most Daily Mail readers will be oblivious to the deceit of the story and have their prejudices massaged in the Florida style.

The Day War Broke Out

Those of you under the age of 70 may struggle to know where the title quote comes from so maybe trundle over here later. I thought it was interesting that possibly the first shots fired on British soil were at Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton whereas the first shots of the War itself occurred at the Westerplatte in Gdansk, which I visited this year.

The Wirral story is covered in our local freesheet:

  • Fifteen minutes after Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced Britain was at war with Germany, Fort battery commander Colonel C.J Cocks ordered two shots to be fired across the bow of a vessel seen entering the closed Rock Channel.

    His notes from the day of the event read: "I fired two rounds across the bows and probably these were the first shots of the war."

Ely Post Office Scandal Update

Further to the 'Postgate' scandal I covered here, it seems that although the local Mersey BNP bigots and the main BNP site have deleted their stories, BNP supporters in Derby continue to trumpet it. Originally, they urged people to take action by writing to the post office and said, "We must BOYCOTT muslim businesses. DON'T use their shops or taxis.

Now, they helpfully provide us with a letter they received from the Post Office, which clearly states that there is no foundation in the accusations made (that the proprietor refused service to a woman because she wanted to post a parcel to her son serving in Afghanistan):

  • When are people going to wake up to the fact that we are losing our country to invaders backed by those arrogant, self-centred dhimmi’s in charge?

    Don’t take things lying down. Protest by email, telephone calls and letters. Let these people know we will not stand by and watch while they infest our lands with traitors to Queen and Country.
Now nobody knows the truth as only a handful of people were present during the alleged incident. However, having seen the YouTube footage of the complainant, I know who my money is on.

Another Twit on T'internet

Suddenly realised that the Twitter link on the top of the new template merely went to the designer of the template so I've managed to change that and actually joined Twitter which is probably a volte face on my part. Now if I'm stuck in a lift with Stephen Fry I can rant as I wait. Technology. Marvellous, Isn't it?

Kissinger Moment

The Telegraph reports that Nigel 'it must be a face it's got ears' Farage is to defy convention and stand against Commons Speaker John Bercow.

  • Mr Farage said: “This man represents all that is wrong with British politics today. He was embroiled in the expenses saga and he presides over a Parliament that virtually does nothing.
As Farage admitted to Labour MP Derek McShane, his own expenses bill since becoming an MEP is not to be sniffed at.
  • "It is a vast sum," Farage said. "I don't know what the total amount is but - oh lor - it must be pushing £2 million."
No further comment is needed.


Looks like Nick Griffin is getting ready to throw the towel in over the EHRC challenge over its membership rules. Whether this is on advice from Counsel or financial expediency is unclear. Whether this is a positive thing or a publicity coup for the BNP is also open to question.

Beggaring Belief (Updated)

There was an unfortunate slip of the tongue on radio today when the newsreader announced that (the) BNP had discovered oil in Mexico. I thought Nick Griffin had been swimming in Cancun.

We received another begging letter from Uncle Nick today. it concerned the court case brought by the EHRC (of which I'm in two minds).

  • The next few months will be critical to the Party's future. We have to defeat the Equalities Commission's attempt to criminalise our Party, but fighting court cases does not come cheap. That's why I am asking EVERYONE receiving this email bulletin to text the word 'DONATE' to *****
  • I need you to do this immediately - yes RIGHT NOW. At the moment we need every penny that can be spared for our legal fight back, not to mention the routine running costs in keeping one of the largest political organisations in the country ticking over.
The number to text to is repeated 4 times. i know most BNP members would struggle to remember their own IQ figures, this takes some beating. Still, judging by the incompetence displayed by the BNP's crack(ed) legal team, those £3 texts are badly needed.
  • Today I am in court in London for the opening salvo of the Equalities Commission legal case concerning our "British-only" membership policy
As the BBC reports:
  • Mr Griffin and fellow party officers Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby did not attend the hearing at Central London County Court.
  • The case was adjourned to give the BNP more time to prepare a defence, after the court was told the party had only instructed its counsel, Jonathan O'Mahoney, at 5pm on Tuesday.
  • (The Judge) said the BNP had known since June about the possibility of legal action and said it was "unfair" of the party to have instructed Mr O'Mahoney at the last minute.

    He therefore ordered the BNP to pay the costs of the hearing.

Further evidence of why the BNP is a racist bunch of shits comes in their treatment of two events that took place over the Bank Holiday weekend. In Liverpool we had the Mathew Street Festival, which I attended. There was a lot of merriment despite the deteriorating weather and there was some drunkenness. Merseyside Police stated that around 230 people were arrested - mostly for minor public order offences connected to drink and drugs. There were some witness accounts of minor scuffles and morons throwing cans of lager, but given the amount of people attending, this was a good result on the whole.

The Notting hill Carnival took place in London. Readers may recall BNP councillor Richard Barnbrook (who seems to have disappeared of late) wanted to ban this due to violent clashes occurring (and obviously nothing to do with the colour of some of the participants). Police report that there were 215 arrests, again mostly for minor offences. There appears to have been a stabbing and some minor skirmishes. unfortunately, this is part and parcel of any major gathering these days.

You can guess what's coming. The BNP cover the Carnival (with a little help from their friends at The Mail) and has this to say:
  • Predictably, the “celebration” of African coloniser culture in the heart of London ended in running battles with police and reports of several stabbings.
  • Chief Inspector Edwards said police had used CCTV to track several gangs of “youths” (which is a code word for black youngsters) who were “intent on causing trouble, at times throwing bottles at officers.”
  • The Notting Hill Carnival is nothing more than the colonisers of London putting on a show of how they have been able to take over Britain’s capital and turn it into a Third World cesspit.
If this vile hatred were not bad enough, let's see what the Neanderthal members have to say:
  • Since when did a bunch of bongo drum players, limbo dancers and half-naked women with feathered headresses (trying to embarass the police) constitute culture?
  • Knife violence is endemic and gangs of thugs go around carrying guns and dealing hard drugs. Women are not safe, rape is commonplace and the whole atmosphere wreaks of intimidation and threat.
  • We need a new system of instant justice and police prisons to keep people locked up for short periods who are caught red handed whilst their deportation arrangements are made
  • The carnival does not belong here, African culture can be celebrated to your hearts bloody Africa!
  • If I want to be "enriched" by Pakistani or African culture then I will travel to asia and Africa,I don't want them here
  • Time is running out for the invited invaders who have no respect at all for our great nation, so get them out by persuasion or EVICT them.
  • This bongo party is a disgusting multi culti stain on our Nation

Bastards. The lot of them. No wonder they keep on giving to the odious party of hate.

UPDATE: 3rd September

It seems Griffin is preparing his members for a climb down. In another begging email, he asks for £20,000 within a week if the Party is to continue to fight this case and a further £60,000 before the adjourned hearing.

Of course, he has managed to put spin on this, so that he is portrayed as the victim.
  • Either we shift our position or we will be utterly crushed. That fact was established beyond any possible doubt when the judge ruled that we must pay the thousands of pounds of costs of today’s hearing.
This is an outright lie. Costs against were ordered because he failed to comply with court procedures. This is par for the course for his lot, but it means that his followers are misled into believing the court had made a ruling of fact on the case. It was his request for an adjournment and negligently late instruction of new Counsel that led to the costs order.

His pathetic attempts to attain victim status even arrives at this staggering piece of logic:
  • Our lawyers’ highly compelling argument that the principle of Equality of Arms means that CEHR should fund our defence (as they would indeed assist any organisation representing literally any other ethnic group) was simply brushed aside by CEHR’s own lawyers, and thus not even considered by the court.
The last sentence defies belief (and does not even make sense). It's also confusing that he uses the acronym CEHR rather than EHRC!

Perhaps most chilling is this subtle dog whistle for neo-Nazis to stand firm:
  • "I have no doubt that it is possible to redraft our constitution so as to ensure we comply with the new law while at the same time holding true to our core principles and most important of all to our purpose – to secure a future for the true children of our islands."
This is a reference to white supremacist David Lane's 14 words, regularly used by BNP members and Stormfront posters - ""We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

The EHRC action may not have been the most appropriate tactic, but it should make for interesting times.