Now They Have A Go At Polish Beer

Beer prices set to rise as Polish lager sales soar 250% in Britain

The Daily Mail is evil. Today, it tries to mix up a story about the increase in popularity of Polish beer with a possible increase in prices. Nobody has put their name to this piece of crap journalism. The point is that people read the headline and blame foreigners for everything.

But hang on......surely even the most hardened supporter of Little England would realise that most decent beers of a lager type come from abroad.

Moreover, The Mail makes no reference to the many wonderful brews made in the UK. So much for patriotism. Lagers like the Belgian Stella, German Holstein, or Dutch Grolsch tend to be more expensive than home grown ales. In my neck of the woods we have been blessed with some new, fresh microbreweries. Unfortunately, they find it difficult to sell their wares in pubs due to the monopoly of big pub companies.

Then we get this:

  • Meanwhile, Danish group Carlsberg said it had already increased beer prices by one per cent in the past year and a sharp hike in the cost of goods such as malt and aluminium was expected to lead to further increases.

So, nothing to do with those cunning foreign (non-Danish,Dutch, German) types from Warsaw. What about the perpetrators of this heinous crime?

  • Tesco beer buyer Helen Moores said the Polish beers were breaking all the chain's records.
    "Polish beer has definitely arrived in a big way and if sales continue at their present rate then in a few years Tyskie could become the new Stella Artois or Becks," she said.

But surely the Poles are guilty somewhere; after all they were in the headline? Well.......

  • Meanwhile, Danish group Carlsberg said it had already increased beer prices by one per cent in the past year and a sharp hike in the cost of goods such as malt and aluminium was expected to lead to further increases.
    Carlsberg is the latest firm in the food and drink sector to warn of rising costs, with bread makers and dairy producers among those upping prices to protect margins.
    The rising cost of commodities, such as wheat, has also stoked worries over the impact on overall inflation in the UK.

The headline in the Mail is another attempt to have a go at foreigners. If you read the story there is nothing to connect the Polish beer popularity (partly due to the likes of Wetherspoons stocking it a low prices) and beer prices increasing. This is another example of creating a myth which will stick and become fact.

At least The Poles are paying taxes here unlike the trustees of The Daily Mail. Isn't it amazing how the ex-pats and deserters seem to be the most vocal on issues of immigration?

Beer prices may rise. There is nothing in the story to link the two. Unfortunately, there are enough Mail readers who just read the headline, to make this dangerous. The evidence is contained within most stories - just read the idiotic posts - and yet idiots like myself cannot get a comment published!

This is another example of how the reviled Mail operates. Nowhere in the story does it link Polish immigration or beer with an increase in the price of a pint - the reader is invited to use their own prejudice.

If we are to defend the Mail, let us think why they might use this particular juxtaposition. Answer on a postcard to Mr. P. Dacre c/o "Are you thinking what we're thinking".

Pissing on the Dead

Last week, the dangers faced by fire-fighters throughout the world were clear for all to see. A fire at a warehouse used for vegetable packing in Atherston-in-Stour claimed the lives of 3 firemen; a fourth is still missing presumed dead.

The cause of the tragedy is not yet known bur police do suspect arson.

The Mail, like other newspapers, has reported on this story. Of course this being the Mail, they could not let an opportunity to raise the spectre of immigration.

When the story first broke here, the Mail did not have any details as to the warehouse's purpose or that migrant workers may have been working there. Hence, the comments from readers were more or less displays of condolence and sorrow. a few readers also pointed out the level of remuneration given to these brave men and women. Of course, those same people may well have been the ones disparaging the service and so-called part-time firemen with second jobs when there was a strike threat over wages and restructuring. I tried to find such comments but interestingly, all comments have been removed from previous archived stories on fire related matters. I'd like to think this was out of deference for the dead, but the truth should be available for all to see and history should not be extinguished.

By November 5th (Bonfire Night when the Fire Service is at its most stretched) the existence of the migrant workers link had become known.

  • Around 300 migrant workers worked at the warehouse but Mr Hall (the assistant chief officer of Hereford and Worcester Fire Service) said it was not yet known for certain if any were in there when the blaze took hold.

So, open the floodgates for Mail readers to vent their collective spleen:

  • My brother in law is a retained fire fighter and I just can't imagine what these poor families must be going through.This is the tragic consequence of mass immigration. For years many of our factories and businesses have been using cheap immigrant labour to keep costs down which is ultimately bad for the immigrants and bad for the indigenous population. If this fire was started deliberately it will be very interesting to discover the motive. This is no doubt just the tip of the iceberg- Mike P, London

What kind of low life do you have to be to make this kind of remark? Would Mike have made the same comment if the workers were all British? I also think he is implying that the motive could be racial and that this is a reason for controlling immigration.

  • More victims of uncontrolled immigration.- Mark, Chorley, UK

This guy has form for this kind of comment. Mark, you are a complete shit! No further comment is necessary.

  • This must be the benefits of our immigration farce that we are told will stimulate the economy. Cheap labour sleeping on factory floors and four firefighters dead. Not the same picture as noolabour spout daily. Who will be held responsible? Guess.- Peter, London

Are you a friend of Mike P (above)? Nice to see you have compassion for those workers having to sleep on the floor.

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, we get this moron making a political point about the use of Community Support Officers:

  • If they had been the cheap substitute police they would be alright because they would have stood outside and watched people die inside.- Donald Merritt, Watford Herts ENGLAND

Donald, before you open your foul, stupid mouth, THINK!

Imagine having these idiots around for a dinner party. Which poison would you use?