The Unholy Alliance

As long suspected, the self-appointed guardians of the public purse and beloved rentaquote bosom buddies of the Daily Mail and other lazy journalists are not so whiter than white when it comes to digging deep for HM Treasury.

As The Guardian informs us:

  • The Taxpayers' Alliance, a campaign group that calls for tax and spending cuts and claims to represent the interests of taxpayers, has admitted one of its directors does not pay British tax.

    The Guardian has learned that Alexander Heath, a director of the increasingly influential free market, rightwing lobby group, lives in a farmhouse in the Loire and has not paid British tax for years.

The article also covers the relationship between the T.A. and the Tories.

This is an important issue; whenever the TA pronounce this or that to be 'an appalling waste of taxpayers' money', let them be tackled over this. And while we're at it, let's not forget Lord Ashcroft's lack of transparency over his tax status and newspaper barons and companies.


Who Funds The TA? (Guardian 9th Oct)

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