Sing The Praises

In previous posts I've questioned the morality of charities accepting donations from the BNP and other extreme groups. I'm heartrened, therefore, to see that South Oxhey Community Choir has snubbed this particular attempt to hijack good causes.

As we saw with the pitiful 'cardboard box' stunt, all this amounts to is a publicity coup for the BNP as they seek respectability. No matter that there is no way of knowing how much will be paid to the charity or whether they will receive it at all, the party will put this act of altruism on their website. This is the political equivalent of those self-satisfied bank managers parading enormous cheques on Children in Need whilst dressed as a giant cock chicken.

In South Oxhey, councillors are given £1,000 to distribute to good causes.

As the Watford Observer (via Lancaster unity) reports:

  • Committee member Russ Clancy told the Watford Observer why the group decided to reject the offer: He said: “Obviously we would really like this money but we discovered that if we took it that our name would be used in BNP literature in the future.

    “We’ve worked really hard as a group to be inclusive of everybody and promote an ethnically diverse choir. We don’t feel the BNP shares those values so, as group, we decided to turn the money down.”

Hallelujah for the way this has been Handeled. (gets coat. Look i'm allowed dreadful puns on a Friday)