Potting The Pink

There's been a lot of fun and games with the EDL's arrangements for the protest in Manchester tomorrow. One minute they gave out instructions to their blockhead followers, then they changed it, then they reverted. Mind games that would be better employed in Manchester by Sir Alex.

I will post after Saturday so I will not go into too much detail here. Suffice to say the appropriate bodies have been given appropriate information.

The EDL's spokesman, Trevor Kelway has maintained that the EDL is against extremist Muslims, not Muslims in general. Funny then that he should choose to post a link to the story of Lord Ahmed's dangerous driving conviction on Facebook recently. The former Labour peer was involved in a car crash and was found to have texted minutes before the collision. All well and good but this is a story in The Sun from December 2008 so hardly topical or relevant to the EDL cause. Ahmed may be controversial and have some odd views, but not many rational opponents would accuse him of being on the same plane as the preachers of hate.

The EDL has also tried to distance itself from the BNP and similar Fascist organisations but despite this, they continue to be involved. (There's an interesting debate going on in BNP circles over the potential conspiracy status of the EDL but maybe another time).

Kelway also posted a link to an article on the barking-at-the-moon ramblings of BNP 'lawyer', Lee John Barnes.

One potential attendee at the Manchester shindig is Birkenhead's biggest piece of rat excrement, Liam Pinkham. Skinheaded Pinkham harassed people at a bookshop in Liverpool and was pictured giving a Hitler salute in Blackpool after a BNP meeting. He is a member of the lunatic British Freedom Fighters, a band of plastic paramilitaries who spend most of their time giving Seig Heils in woods and drinking turps.

Pinkham was sentenced to community punishments including attending some kind of racial awareness course. Has this worked? Well, I'll leave Wirral Probation Services to deal with that one. As you can see from his recent Facebook blurts, the course has been very valuable. Hopefully, Mr Pink (insert own Reservoir Dogs joke) will have his collar felt again. He seems to like police station food.

It is sad that this protest was allowed to go ahead and hopefully there will not be widespread trouble. Unfortunately, history shows that this is inevitable. Violent and offensive behaviour from any group is reprehensible (and there are plenty of left wing antagonists).