No Matter What They Say

Jan Moir is almost an anagram of I'm a Journo; the name is also a byword for mixed up hatred and bile.

As many have already commented (and Twitter #janmoir is trending), today's piece by Ms Moir is a clear attempt to take away the limelight from the usual proponents of vile polemic, Littlejohn, Platell, Liz Jones and Mad Mel.

Before Stephen Gateley's body could be flown home, this bitter hack puts poison pen to paper to urinate on the dead as only Mail commenters can. Well, it's not as if they can be sued.

We all know that not all Mail writers die of strokes even if they've lost all feeling, but Jan seems to know what all gay people die of.

I won't go on at length as the story speaks for itself. The headline 'Why there was nothing 'natural' about Stephen Gateley's death' is bad enough, hiding as it does behind those inverted commas.

No matter what the medically trained people found, no matter what lack of evidence there is of large-scale drug taking, no matter what facts are missing, these journalists will fill in the details long before the graves have been filled in.


Anonymous said...

Change the back ground its crap mind you it goes with the nonsense you write.
Mr Magoo.

eric the fish said...

How did your boys get on? TRFC 2 Brighton 1.