Kelway's Nest

Still haven't got round to a finishing a lengthy post on the EDL, which continues to enjoy legitimacy in certain sections of the media (which just happen to be the ones spewing forth ammunition on their behalf such as today's disgraceful Daily Express headline).

In the meantime here's a further snippet from EDL spokesman, Trevor Kelway's mindset. In a post regarding the September Al-Quds march in London he rather gives the game away about his intentions with a little reminder to the troops.

Now, I'm no defender of groups like Al-Quds and some of the Palestine is 100% right; Israel is 100% wrong brigade, but this is another example of what the EDL are really like. On one hand - like the BNP leadership - they court respectability by distancing themselves from the crackpots whilst secretly showing their true colours.

More later. For our Fascist friend from Brighton who clearly has nothing better to do than visit here 5 times a day and then expects me to publish his illiterate mumblings, there'll be more soon depending on Tranmere's result against Brighton on Saturday.


MCARF said...

What have these people got against Hezbollah? It is a Lebonese group in Lebanon. If you are going to create an enemy at least get the correct terminology.