Spiders And The Light Near The End Of The Tunnel

Following on from the story about the lightship on the Mersey comes news that the historic one, Planet appears to be have been saved. The Liverpool Echo reports that,
  • Planet’s owner Gary McClarnan has sold her to Liverpool businessmen Alan Roberts and Tom Surtees, who want to keep the ship in her current Canning Dock berth.
The ship cost the new owners around £139,000 and McClarnan has indicated that he did have higher offers but felt that the purchasers were best placed to ensure the ship remained in Liverpool.

No doubt if Liverpool City Council had agreed to purchase this historic maritime vessel, the rentaquote brigade at the Taxpayers' Alliance would be on the case. In one of their latest missives -in the Lincolnshire Echo - they point out that 2,000 hoax and spurious 999 calls in the area, "risks lives, wastes the time of highly trained people and lands the rest of us with a hefty bill." Well done. Today's 'Stating The Bleeding Obvious To Get Your Name In Print To Make You Feel Important' Award is duly on its way to T & A House.

Still, there's no such thing as bad publicity. The TA proudly reproduce an Independent article by Paul Vallely about La Princesse, which name checks the Tory apologists, despite the generally positive tone of the piece.

It may be pushing at open doors like a slobbering Littlejohn by getting your name linked with so-called political correctness gone mad stories such as the fewer salt-shaker holes, homophobic speed cameras, and £5,000 claim for being Polish, particularly give that they seem to be in papers like the Mail and Express, but as people have found to their cost before (The Sun, Boris Johnson, even Ringo), be careful not to upset the Scouse psyche. We liked our spider. Come back soon.

Quite a positive slant today. Even my failing bank seems to be getting taken over by a less failing one. But wait, those 3 stories I referred to. Seems to be more to them than the glib comments from the so-called independent, Taxpayers' Alliance.

Jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe (via The Independent) for the Taxpayers' Alliance:
  • "I love paying tax so much, the sight of a gritter lorry gives me an erection" – Jon Richardson
  • "If Britons were left to tax themselves, there would be no schools, no hospitals, just a 500-mile-high statue of Diana, Princess of Wales" – Andy Zaltzman