The Mind Googles

I'm sometimes surprised - even by my sick standards - to see what people are searching for when they land on the desert that is this blog. Like the guy on Star Trek never seen before who volunteers to go down with Spock and Kirk, or the plain looking girl in the pre-title sequence of Midsomer murders, their mission is bound to end in failure.

I once had someone from the magical USA who was driven to the site by his predeliction for 'man forces wife to cum' on the oddly gravitational pull of a post which contained the words, 'man', 'armed forces', 'Chorlton-cum-Hardy', and 'wife'. I hope he found his true calling in life.

Today's collector of the ERIC THE FISH: I'M GLAD YOU CAME BUT I BET YOU DON'T RETURN award goes to someone in Oldham (strangely, and somewhat disconcertingly the opponents of Tranmere Rovers on Saturday) for this:

How tall is Fiona Phillips.