La Princesse - Short Video

Maybe the Taxpayers' Alliance - that self-appointed Tory rentaquote body - would like to tell the thousands of people lining the streets for La Machine's 5 day extravaganza how it was 'an outrageous waste of taxpayers' money' and explain how 'Who on Earth would want their hard-earned cash spent on a mechanical spider? It's bonkers,' does not make them look foolish.

Maybe, people reading their widespread musings in the national press will think twice about the motives and methodology of their 'research.'

If the T.A had their way, very little tax would be paid and very little would be spent on social projects or art, and these areas would only be available for the rich and privileged. People and organisations are entitled to opinions on public funding of such matters, and not everyone considers Damian Hirst to be the equal of Rembrandt, but it is time that newspapers stopped filling articles with glib, ill-thought out comments from axe-grinders like the T.A. and Migrationwatch.

As I've said before, one only has to look at the profiles of members on their own site to see their political bias.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links.

Unfortunately, I could not see "La Princess" in Liverpool, although we live close by. :)