Spider From Mars

From the Liverpool Echo

A GIANT spider appeared in Lime Street today.

Stunned onlookers stared in amazement as the 37-tonne, 50ft creature dangled high above the street from Concourse Tower.

The massive arachnid is the first glimpse of the mysterious La Princess, the mechanical creature at the centre of the La Machine extravaganza.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected on the streets of the city, many of which will be closed off, as the five-day street theatre event unfolds this weekend.

The Capital of Culture event will see “scientists” arrive in the city to investigate the creature.

They are due to set up a research base at the ECHO arena.

Hopefully, I'll be able to see this tomorrow as the drama unfolds.

Of course, there's always a lengthy line of moaners in the Mail:

  • It is obscene to waste nearly two million quid on some silly spider when people are being told that they can only have the sight in one of their eyes saved.

    - David Bourke, Rochester, Kent., 3/9/2008 13:50

  • Capital of Culture! If that is an example of it then we are better off without it.

    - ian s, Maidstone England, 3/9/2008 14:27

  • How on earth is this 'culture'?

    - Christopher Hyde, Paris, France, 3/9/2008 13:54

  • That's disgusting.

    - glynis letcher, Newton Abbot, Devon, 3/9/2008 15:42

  • Wow it looks great..!! I wonder who is paying for it...? Sorry to be a party pooper...Good luck to Liverpool ...Tony Blair clutched between its jaws would be even better ...

    - Filmex, London, 3/9/2008 15:44

The last one tried so hard, but couldn't resist a meaningless dig at a ;erson who is no longer Prime Minister. However, the bold Sir Trevor from the Wine Lodge rides to Liverpool's rescue:

  • How bitter some people are! I detect some envy. Most people here are proud of what has been achieved during Culture year. If you read the story properly, you will see that the spider will form part of a 3 day extravaganza. It will move around the city. Anyone who witnessed the sultan's elephant in London will know what a great spectacle this is.

    Some people like to moan at everything. Given that you lot of whingers are from outside Liverpool, why don't you mind your own business.

    The comment about eyesight operations is a cheap shot. Coupled with the other comment from Kent, I wonder why Liverpool was chosen instead of Maidstone?

    Dave - the building is set for demolition. Are you not able to read?

    - Trevor Yates, Liverpool, Capital of Culture 2008, 3/9/2008 15:33