Unlucky Heather

Pity the poor Solicitor-Advocate chosen to represent Heather Mills at today's appeal hearing. He looked like a startled rabbit. At least he kept his hair dry.

Having perused the lengthy Judgment, it is clear why the controlled Heather did not want it published. It is never staisfying in such cases for dirty linen to be aired in public, particularly where there are children involved. However, as the Judgment makes clear, Heather was a fantasist, a deceiver and had delusions of self-worth.

The incident regarding an attempt to obtain a payment of £480,000 from MPL appears to be extremely suspicious if not downright fraud.

The full Judgment can be found here. (PDF)

In a piece entitled Lucky Heather? (seems as familiar as predictable - see yesterday), Marliyn Stowe in The Guardian tries to be ever-so-controversial by having a swipe at Macca as well, in the full knowledge that most of the press will be siding with him and continuing the vilification of Ms Mills. It's hardly Julie 'Take-the-opposite-point-of-view-as-everyone-else' Burchill, but there you go.