Don't Speak: Steve Doughty

Like Gail Tilsley/Platt, I'm beginning to get my memory back. I remember this rant from a blogger :

The professional, Daily Mail propaganda was given to the masses under this headline:

More than 20 per cent of babies in Britain are born to immigrant mothers, figures revealed yesterday.

Steve Doughty wrote this on 28th March 2008 and I assume he was paid.

I, for this is Eric The Fish speaking again, NOTED BEFORE THAT THE MAIL HAD LIED ABOUT STATS AND DATES but here we have some further information to put Doughty's version on the carpet. As I said in my original comment, I wanted confirmation from the ONS. They said,
  • I can confirm that this is the most recent data that the Office for
    National Statistics have. The data was made available on the 11th of
    December 2007

I have the email if My Doughboy wishes to dispute its authority and sue! It shows I was wrong in having a view that Doughboy's figures were the same and out of date. There is not much difference in the figures, but this does not preclude our hero from using this data. DECEMBER 2007 is not YESTERDAY, Doughty. And the figures do not back up your story, unless you wish to publish exclusives every 6 months. As one man from these parts said, 'How Do You Sleep?'

Let's face it, there is nothing to stop lazy journalists (not Steve Doughty, of course) from publishing old figures as hot-off-the-press news.

As Mick Jagger sang, 'Who wants yesterday's papers?'

I wish it were nobody in the world.