Think Only This Of Me

For many years my bitter and twisted mindset has led me to carry upon my person the eloquent rant of Elvis Costello, "Tramp The Dirt Down" on the basis that upon hearing the news of Maggie's death, I'll be able to wallow in my selfish pit of hate. From Sony Walkman cassette to Minidisc to SE Mp3 phone, the tune has remained, primed - ready for its fitting requiem setting. (Why I have been a slave to Sony alludes me, given their disposition of having non-generic adapters).

Today, I visited a little-known new gallery in Liverpool (thank you Derek the Merc taxi driver and Dave the door opener) called Novas CUC and based in a refurbished cotton warehouse. The above work is by Wirral-based artists, The Singh Twins, who won the People's Vote at today's Liverpool Art Prize 08.

I shall write more about today's sojourn and put some photos up as there were many thought-provoking works. We did ask if we could take photos and were informed in the affirmative until some people objected to it. Maybe, it was just certain exhibits, but it should be made clearer. Considering that photos and blogs such as these help to spread the word (albeit in a small way) seems to render such complaints as misguided to say the least.

Anyhoo, the picture is of Maggie. She is not my favourite person. She brings back bad memories of Jim Davidson. She will outlive us all.

The mail reported the story in usual style:

Immaculate as ever, Baroness Thatcher leaves hospital after collapsing over the fruit jelly

Apparently her legs gave way and this had nothing to do with the fact that she had recently found the key to Dennis's drinks cabinet. 'I used to be Prime Minister, you know, ' she said.

Easy for me to take the piss out of an octogenerian (who isn't my mother, for a change) but luckily the British people rally to her defence:

  • Good to see her and about again a true lady full of pride and spirit.- Peter Woods, Indang Philippines

Good to see someone who appreciates a stylish shoe or two.

  • The greatest Prime Minister after Churchill, she will go down in history as the saviour of the country from left wing trade unions and the miners leader Scargill. The freeing of rent slaves to local councils by giving people the right to buy their council houses, and the winning of the Falklands War, putting the 'Great' back into Britain.Now all we have is a government lead by Scots, taxing us to death and reducing us to Nanny State morons.- Alan Jeavons, India

Good to see the Empire is still in safe hands. Do you get the feeling that Alan sold his council house and fucked off to Goa.

  • Second greatest PM of the 20th Century (just behind you know who). I have admired her ever since her "Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk Snatcher" days. I figured that anyone who could make the socialists that angry couldn’t be all bad. God bless her.- Dean, Kula, Hawaii

Because taking milk away from children was something to be proud of! Now I'm drinking it from coconuts. If only the figures for coconut-falling deaths were credible.

  • Good to see her recovering. She's the best thing that ever happened to this country - without her the UK would not have enjoyed the success (up until recent times)we had. The pathetic politicians today have much to thank Maggie for.- Anthony Richardson, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Because Saudi Arabia is THIS country and we had no economic problems or unemployment under Maggie. Anthony, I know it's hot over there and looking at sand until the next princess beheading comes along is boring, but.........FFS.

  • Shame the Mrs Thatcher is getting old and failing in health, Britain could do with someone like her with a bit of backbone to pull the country back together.- Rebecca, Mallorca, Spain

Or maybe General Franco?

  • Hope you feel better soon. You are an inspiration to many.- Elizabeth, Grantham UK

At last, someone from this sceptered isle. Grantham rings a bell though. All together now, 'She was only the grocer's daughter....'