Mail Recycling

As we all know, the Daily Mail leads the universe in our battle to save the environment. Who'd have thought that plastic bags were a waste until the Mail cleverly made a bandwagon for us all to jump on.

Now, it continues to regurgitate, I mean re-use stories from long ago.

More than one in five babies in the UK is born to a migrant mother


Steve 'Deja Vu' Doughty is a journalist of the pedigree chump variety - artful in mashing up the unpalatable into a real dog's dinner. His previous form included a piece on how Myra Hindley would be released under the Human Rights Act, a couple of years before she left a box.

In June 2007, the boy Doughty published this.

In that article, he states that, One in five babies is born to a woman from outside the UK - an increase of 10 per cent in just one year.

As we know, there is a pension crisis and a concern over how people are living longer. Who is going to pay for us when we are old? Given that schools have been closing due to falling rolls, there is obviously a problem. However, in Mail Land, logic flies out of the window faster than Fiona Phillips drops names. Because the increase is down to foreign sperm or ova.

Doughboy continues,

Last year there were 669,531 live births - the highest since 1993 and a rise of 3.7 per cent from 645,835 in 2005.
Of these, nearly 147,000 babies - 21.9 per cent - were born to immigrant families, compared to 13 per cent in 1996, the year before Tony Blair came to power.

Obviously our man Steve has mouths to feed in his nest so he pens today's story with original gusto,

More than 20 per cent of babies in Britain are born to immigrant mothers, figures revealed yesterday.

Yesterday? They seem very similar to the ones referred to in June last year. I've asked the ONS for clarification of this. I'm not saying the figure are definitely identical but Steve says, According to the latest count, based on 2006 birth returns, 21 per cent of babies in the UK have mothers who were born abroad.

Interestingly, the figures do look similar but strangely the 21.9 is not rounded up to 22 which would be acceptable.

This does appear to be another Mail example of using old data to justify a further attack on immigrants. In the June story, Civitas, the right-wing think tank is rolled out for rentaquote duties whilst in today's scoop, Andrew Green of Migrationwatch was number 1 on Doughrty's speed dial.

Sir Andrew Green of the Migrationwatch think-tank said: "This is quite incontrovertible evidence of the massive impact of unlimited immigration on the whole nature of our society. It is absolutely essential that strict limits are placed on immigration if public confidence is to be restored."

So that's clear then. No axe to grind for Andy. Funny how you can sound authoritative without actually saying anything.

To ensure that this story hits home, the Mail has a picture accompanying the item which is representative of all immigrants, be they Polish, American, Nigerian or Iraqi.

Rather tellingly, the file is saved under the name, 'Immigrant baby burkha' because the Mail is not ne to make assumptions about people. They couldn't possibly be women born here, could they? Still, at least they seem to have found real people rather than using models to portray haggard old Romanians as they have done in the past.

The story sets out to stir hatred in usual Mail fashion. Sit back and await the rabis comments from Planet Mail's population.

Will we be forced to celebrate the "vibrancy" and "diversity" of this, or is there still time to whip out the Aussie passport applications to escape this madness.- Steve Jacks, London

Fortunately a later poster managed to get in a crack about the irony of the above shit from Jackboot.

Why not, most are here for benefits encouraged by Nu-Lab. They should be called benefit breeders and given only food stamps.- Mike, UK

Even the article makes no mention of benefits but Mike knows everything.

They wonder why that British mums to be are not able to go to their local hospital.- Kathy, Vale of Glamorgan

Kathy makes me think that I was a bit hasty to dismiss the Tory Councillors' ideas yesterday.

Told you so!- Barbara, Bolton, England

Babs in Notlob told us apparently. And did we listen? Did we fuck!

Is it just me or does anyone else see something wrong with this?So pleased to be leaving for New Zealand in two months...- Karen W, Peterborough, UK

If anyone spots Karen in NZ, can they have a quiet word with her, and point her in the direction of a dictionary containing the word 'irony' and the phrase 'fucking stupid kettle'?

This Labour government don't give a fig about what is happening in this country with regard to immigration. When the indigenous Brits have fled this country to be with our own who will look after Britain's heritage and who will look after our elderly when all our children have left? They will be cared for by people who don't and won't understand them. So much for Labour's new immigration rules, any Tom, Dick and Harriet can still walk in here and claim a British passport. In my experiences these people don't want to be British they are British by accident and will still refer to themselves to be a national of their parent's country.- Michael Clark, Chesham, Bucks

Michael is probably Chairman of his local Neighbourhood Pogrom Committee.

Getting ready to take over the UK in the years ahead?- Don, UK

Most Mail readers believe it's already occurred, Don. Keep up!

As I drifted into another Mail-induced trough of depression, one letter shone out from the Capital of Culture itself:

Babies are being born in Britain; we're all human, we want the best for all our children and we want them to grow up in a society that will give them the very best. If people move to the UK because of that, surely these are exactly the people we want? Don't think of them as 'immigrants', think of them as fellow human beings and yes, celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of our society. If you're too scared to do this then educate yourself and steel yourself to meet some of these people, just as they've taken a leap of faith to come to this country. Think how much nicer your life will be when you can smile at everyone, rather than just those people you think of as being properly British. - Helen, Liverpool, England