Not So Plain, Janes


I thought I'd wander over to the Mail online site as I was feeling lazy and knew I would be pushing at an open door. There was bound to be an endless supply of spelling and grammar mistakes in the comments on the Brown Letter. Imagine my surprise at finding a sympathetic hearing for our flailing PM. What's going on? Is this a sign of compassion breaking out, or just an indication that Mail readers see themselves as a cut above The Sun?

  • What kind of society are we becoming? I am not a labour supporter but stop kicking a man when he's down. He made the effort to hand write a letter at least, nothing he does seems to be right.

    The man lost a baby and his second child has cystic fibrosis, he's not exactly had an easy time of it. I feel people are being excessively cruel and need to lay off a bit.

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    I am not a supporter of Gordon Brown and suspect I never will be. But... However badly the letter was written, it was written by hand. It would be oh so easy to write a template or two and insert the appropriate names. The letter would be well written, gramatically perfect and with and with flawless spelling. But it would be meaningless. The man put his own pen to his own paper. And for that, deserves some credit.

These are heavily supported in the ratings whilst the worst rated are these:
  • I don't understand all the apologists for Gordon Brown. This man has wrecked our country, where is the sympathy for the jobless and all those losing their homes and businesses? The letter is an insult to the memory of a brave man, no wonder Mrs Janes was upset.

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  • and we wonder why we are a global laughing stock!!!!

On the face of it, the letter does look shabby and anyone who has redrafted a covering letter to accompany an application form will be aware of the time it can take to attain perfection. However, this was clearly a personal matter. Given that the Government has access to highly paid spinmeisters and advisers, one may have felt that someone had dropped the executive stress ball, but this is surely symptomatic of Brown's modus operandi.

That Ms Janes should choose to make this public via the offices of The Sun shows her in a less than perfect light. That she should then compound that by allowing her telephone conversation to be recorded (without consent) and a transcript published in this disgraceful rag, does her son's memory more harm than good.

Perhaps - just perhaps - even Mail readers consider that to be a step too far.


Jeannine said...

Maybe going to the Sun was too far, but to be fair to her, she has lost a son to a totally needless war. Why are we there anyway? It's one thing to lose a child who was protecting his country, his family, etc., but for someone else's civil disputes which our interference only makes worse. . . I don't know how I'd react in that circumstance, quite honestly. Who knows unless it happens to them. And he does go on and make excuses all the time and acts like a twit. There's nothing wrong with saying, "I'm so sorry; we've made a grievous mistake and will try to rectify matters now." People will be angry, of course, but it's better than this constant subterfuge and sleight of hand. Why can't anyone admit to being wrong anymore? It's an indisputable fact that no one's perfect, so why pretend and risk other people's lives?

eric the fish said...

I don't think there is any question of whether The Sun went too far. It is just sharpening its pre-election claws now that it has decided to back the winner (rather like that kid at school with the Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd shirts).

It is an emotive issue and therefore (as with the death penalty)not something that can be rationally debated by those directly affected. One has to take a step back.

There's nowt wrong with lambasting the Govt (and perhaps even The Sun which supported the war)over the conflict but to make cheap, unfounded digs at handwriting and disability is not acceptable.

I agree that it would be great if we had a politician who held up his hands like Kevin Keegan and admitted he was out of his depth. Rather like your mate Nick on QT!

There, managed quite a few sentences there without a jibe at the BNP! It's Dr strangelove in reverse.