Crime and Punishment and The Idiots


Some breathtaking logic over on today's Mail Online. It must be hard being a Mail bigot because life throws up dilemmas. Who to hate more? Muslims or paedophiles? There is that famous joke about how to confuse a Mail reader - you tell them that Muslims eat paedophiles. Ho ho. Life imitates art though today.

Saudi paedophile to be beheaded and crucified
screams the headline.

  • A man in Saudi Arabia is to be beheaded and crucified after he raped five children and left one of them, a three-year-old boy, to die in the desert.
The offences were clearly appalling and the average Mailite thinks that the man would have got a community sentence in the UK as all the bar room lawyers line up to give their rational thoughts. Some are a bit peeved that the death sentence is carried out by a swift sword blow before the body is displayed for the drooling masses. Remember the Python sketch where the vox pop guy suggests putting little birdies down the throat to peck them to death?

Send in the clowns:

Fitting punishment, however, he should be crucified first, in the middle of the desert, where he left that poor child to die. Evil monster.

If only our justice served the same punishment, this country would be a much safer place.

- Hayley, UK, 4/11/2009 11:05

Superb! He won't do it again!

- Gareth, Harrogate, 4/11/2009 11:00
Surely beheading first is a little too quick. Would not crucifixion first, in the scorching desert sun obviously, be a better option?

- Jack Sprat, Bristol England, 4/11/2009
May I ask the people that suggest this punishment is OTT, what would YOU want the punishment to be?

If, God forbid, it was one of your children this man attacked.

Popping him in a soft touch prison, giving him community service etc? Letting him out to re-offend, which let's face it, he would do.

Harsh in the extreme though this is, he won't be doing it again will he?

- H, UK, 4/11/2009 10:59
"That's the way to do it" AND to the gentleman from Derby, the UK used to have severe penalties for ALL crimes. BUT with the arrival of "pinkies" and "Slap the other cheek brigade" the criminal is a sad case and needs to be saved! Mr Derby person, talk to the regular man in the street, not the staged ones, you will find that many, many milliona of indigenous folk want the death penalty resume, TODAY and that life in prison means 50 years plus, NOT 12 years.

You better believe it.

- David on the beach., West Bay Dorset.

(David even manages a BNP dog whistle about indigenous folk whilst not quite appreciating the irony of BNP poplicy on Islam.)

Leave Me with This or any Child killer, with a pair or pliers & a blowtorch, it might take some time !

- Mike Allan, Chatham Kent England,
Not enough of a punishment in my opinion. That poor, poor toddler to endure such a drawn out painful death.

Still, it's more justice than the kids in Labour Britain get.

- fay, Surrey, UK, 3/11/2009 20:10

(Extra marks for dig at Labour there, fay)

Plenty good enough - how long before it will it be on Youtube ?

Paedophiles are vermin that have no place in society. Their condition is untreatable, and they are always likely to reoffend.

Why waste so much time trying to help them ? Resources would be better spent on helping the victims of crime and building more prisons.

Our liberal, do-gooder establishment are completely out of touch with reality. The Human Rights brigade worry too much about the rights & feelings of criminals. Face facts, serious crimes, such as those against defenceless children should carry the ultimate penalty.

Problem we have nowadays is that too many people in a position of responsibility are prepared to look the other way or make excuses for people. Whatever happened to individual's being accountable for their own actions ?

Tough on crime, Mr Blair ? Rubbish.

- G, Kings Lynn, England, 3/11/2009 20:37

(This sicko wants to watch it and probably has Saddam's execution as a screensaver)

A good punishment for a sick peado. Why can''t we hand out this very appropriate sentence to UK offenders? Put it this way, he won't re-offend, or cost the taxpayer anything in the future.

- MARTIN CANE, CLITHEROE, 4/11/2009 8:47

Of course a few dissenters get through but are quickly attacked as do gooders and liberal.

* Pity we can't have a few in our courts...."

Sounds like the Mail's readership is just about ready for Sharia law in the UK....wonders never cease.

Seriously - this man committed some awful awful crimes; but whether or not the death penalty is justified (a separate debate...), it is beyond belief that any jurisdiction in the 21st Century still uses such medieval methods.

I doubt any Westerners who witnessed a Saudi public execution would still consider this acceptable.

- Oliver, London, 4/11/2009 9:17

The comments are hardly surprising given the recent ones applauding the death of an immigrant in the Channel Tunnel. If he turns out to have been a sex offender then the Mailite dilemma would have been lifted.


I note that the Independent also covered this topic and even referenced the confuse a Mail Reader joke. What is more interesting is that Channel 4 will showcase a drama 'The Execution of Gary Glitter' set in a Britain which has the death penalty. Perhaps another dilemma: evil, porn-filled C4 or stringing up a Paedo?


Anonymous said...

Its clear you dont have children.

eric the fish said...

You know nothing of my life, you piece of shit.

The logic of your comment is absolutely stunning.

Anonymous said...

In the course of my work I have seen peadophillic (sp?) pictures and videos, they are truely disturbing. (This is the reason my comment is staying anonymous)
While I hold that paedophiles should be punished and acknowledge that it's very hard to do so in a way to satisfy the masses I am shocked at this method of punished and disgusted at the comments and suggested methods of punishment by the Mail commenters.
Then again I don't have any children so obviously wouldn't be able to understand (!)

eric the fish said...

I too have experience of dealing with sex offenders and paedophiles. It will not surprise rational people how 'normal' they appaer to be and how there is a real correlation between those who are abused and those who abuse in later life.In addition there were many offenders within the family and friends circle.

Having access to such images and interviews with witnesses and victims causes a lot of soul searching as to your own position.I once met an offender after his release (on a train) and felt myself becoming nauseas at his blase manner. So it is possible to be repulsed yet not want to torture them to a slow death.

Unfortunately - and Mailites are not the only ones - there is a public perception that you're either FOR or AGAINST these offenders. If you don't support castration or the rope you must be an apologist for their heinous crimes.

One thing that seems to be a particular concern is that there is a high rate of recidivism. Some I met were adamant that the children 'liked' it.

It's a natural/understandable reaction for people directly involved to want some sort of revenge but often it's disinterested, self-appointed vigilantes who are the ones pelting the police vans taking the ACCUSED away from court.

The first Anon comment is from regular troll from Brighton. I give him his 15 seconds of fame every now and again but just ignore his babbling anti-Zionist crap other times.

Anonymous said...

Next you will be telling us about the joys of Thanatophilia. Could this be the reason you drink piss poor beer in the shadows of old churches then write so much hate like a silly 12 year old, against those who would thwart your game.
Lucinda Crimp.

Oh by the way we do know alot about you. Wink Wink.

eric the fish said...

He's started using the Royal 'we' now.
Maybe when he stops sending me links (which I've no intention of looking at)on a daily basis (has he nowt else to do?),I'll stop treating him like an illiterate child.

Still, at least someone is reading this drivel!