Glory of the Jury


Fresh from Daily Mail readers wanting a form of Sharia Law introduced to the UK, we see what some of them think about our present legal system when applied to the BNP.

Commenting on the acquittal of an Asian man on charges of racially abusing Nick Griffin, the Mailites clearly believe that our jury system is failing the racist in the street.

  • One law for them and no law for the public seems to fit the system we have now.

    I am no supporter of the BNP but this sends out the wrong message

  • If Griffin had used the same language ,I suspect the court woul have arrived at a different result.

    The man said "I shouldn't have done what I done really, it was just a spur of the moment thing"
    Is that not an admission of guilt? How come he was cleared?
    Nobody in this country should be racially abused, black or white.

These people are either too stupid to read the story - Mr Khalid admitted shouting at Griffin but not using the words 'white bastard'. His version was accepted by the jury but this is not enough for the Mailites. Obviously the jury was made up of 12 members of UAF specially empanelled for the occasion.

Any dissent against this know-it-all mindset is given short shrift.
  • So, like many others, the jury has found Nick Griffin to be a liar. Thank goodness for the British jury system.

The jury system isn't perfect and heaven forbid that one would end up before a dozen of the more rabid of DM readers, but it works well. Perhaps Griffin may reflect that his performance on Question Time cast doubts on his credibility. Lying about being misquoted and why he couldn't tell the audience about his changing Holocaust beliefs do not make for a star witness.


This is what Griffin says about the case on the BNP site:
  • Three events this past week all prove that there is one law for British people and another for the Third World colonisers of this country, said Nick Griffin MEP.

    “Over the past seven days we have seen the acquittal of a Muslim who racially abused me in public. Earlier, all charges were withdrawn against the black UAF thug who attacked Liverpool BNP activist Tony Ward with a claw hammer, and then I was refused entry into Sellafield power station,” Mr Griffin said.

Griffin then turns to his usual victim status for whites stance:
  • “There are numerous cases where indigenous British people have been sent to jail based on no other evidence than what a single Third Worlder has said,” Mr Griffin continued.

    “The case of Kevin Hughes, for example, who was imprisoned purely on the word of an asylum seeker with no other witnesses, springs to mind. Yet when a Muslim man abuses me personally in front of witnesses, he is discharged.

  • “The double standards are blatant. An indigenous white person’s word is worth less than a Third World immigrant.”
Here are some of the comments (moderated and therefore sanctioned by the BNP)
  • Given the acquital of the gent who abused Nick Griffin MEP, following on from the racist references to Nick's colour on QT; can we now assume that it's ok to shout abuse at someone based on the colour of his skin, and to make threats against them? And it won't even be a breach of the peace?
    Now, where can I find Trevor Phillips. I assume there will be no problem with shouting abuse at him. I can think of quite a few choice phrases.
  • As has been said in numerous posts on this site. You just couldn't make it up.
There are also calls for a Nationalist Government to overturn these decisions. Kinda tells you all you need to know about what these vile individuals would like to introduce to this country. Firtunately there is more chance of Griffin winning Strictly Come Dancing.