Collett's Ghosts Come Back


Sky News today reports on the Mark Collett Pacman motif I mentioned on 5th November. Ah well, after spending the last few days retuning digi boxes for people, it's good to see that they weren't missing anything.

Collett , predictably, dismisses this as a joke:

  • Collett told Sky News his spoof Pac-Man picture was "simply a joke" and said he did not want to "sort out" Muslims.

    He said: "The Pac-Man character eats ghosts, but to suggest that anyone in the BNP wants anyone to eat women in burqas is laughable.

    "It's not suggesting that anyone needs sorting out, it was simply a joke."

Given how ridiculous this man is, the rumours that Collett has something over Griffin seem more than plausible.

Collett is not apologetic. Indeed he has a follow up: