The Ignored or Ignorant?

Both the Guardian and The Daily Mail have covered the study carried out for the Department for Communities and Local Government which claims to show that the white working class feel disenfranchised or 'betrayed' as The Mail leads on.

One of the problems with the report is that it only focussed on 43 people in 4 areas. Hardly a suitable cross-section of society. I heard a snatch of an interview on local radio with one of the people responsible for the survey so hopefully this will be available later. It was overseen by the National Communities Forum.

I do concede that such views are widespread but this is not the most scientific way of establishing debate. And debate should be had. One of the greatest failings of the New Labour experiment is that large sections of traditional supporters do feel let down. The extremists will seek to use this perception of anecdotal, favourable treatment for their own ends. The challenge is for the left to face up those myths and lies, address the real issues and tackle the racists full on.

The gap between rich and poor has increased since 1997 (according to most studies) and child poverty has not been eradicated despite being a major Labour Party tenet.

Expect to see this on a BNP recruitmant poster near you.