Here Comes The Moon

Perhaps one of the reasons - aside from the House of Commons List - that John Lewis has been doing well in spite of the recession/depression/crunch is that its customer care ethos is superb.

Whereas I've had the misfortune of seeing poor service in the now defunct but nostalgically missed Woolworths (" If it's not on the shelf we don't have it") the JLP seem to go the extra mile. Largely, this may be down to its bonus scheme and it benefits the company itself, but they always impress.

After Christmas I decided to plunge into buying a cheap Digi SLR camera and noted that a number of stores had the model I required at similar prices and deals. However, all quickly sold out. John Lewis managed to track down some stick via another branch and the item was delivered free next working day.

So, I've got the weekend to play around with my Nikon D40, which although aimed at the beginner is a bit baffling to me! I'm hoping to master it by tomorrow for the Capital of Culture Transition ceremony tomorrow night. Some hope.

First picture taken shows work to be done. Difficult to keep still in cold weather so maybe I need to invest in a tripod and remote control.